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3 Golden Rules Every Bride Should Follow
Posted by in Bridal Beauty On September 04, 2018

Marriages are taking a new turn these days. Red is no more the staple color for every bride. The choices have changed, styles have diversified and brides have got tones of ideas to look the best on their D-Day! Destination weddings have become the newest ‘In thing’ and most couples plan to marry in a completely different environment far from their homes. People plan for a budget destination wedding India and often take help from an Indian Wedding Planner to help them plan, execute, and organize the best destination wedding possible in a fixed budget. In this blog, we are going to take you on a ride to 3 golden rules every Indian bride should follow. Let’s get started:

  • Focus on Your Eyes: Okay so let us be very true with you. Wedding night doesn’t mean tons of makeup powder topped with all the possible cosmetic items existing on this planet. You can steal the look with a light, flawless makeup with accentuated eyes! Let your makeup artist do justice to your eye makeup. You can go for a completely bold eye makeup or use a blend of eye shadows and let your eyes do the talking! And to be very frank, if you want to have one of the best wedding destinations in India, you need to make up to it too! So kill those old school tricks and choose a look that does justice to the standard of wedding you plan to organize.

    Focus on Your Eyes
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  • Let Open the Lipstick Choices: We know that red and magenta are most in-trend when it comes to choosing a lip color but please, breathe fresh! You aren’t living in 18th century to use all those gaudy tricks and restrict yourself to these two lip shades on your wedding day. If you are taking a step ahead and are all pepped up for your budget destination wedding India, be open and ready to experiment with colors. You can look a sassy bride with a dark brown lip shade or a glossy pink shade too, all depending upon the color of your dress.

    Let Open the Lipstick Choices
    Image Source: Google Image

    But here’s the key. By being experimental, we aren’t telling you to go all crazy and choose anything except red to adorn your lips. Style up according to your dress color and style.

  • Follow a Good Skin-Care Regime: A glowing skin is the secret behind a woman’s true beauty. Why depend on chemical-based products when you can glow with a flawless skin?! Your Indian Wedding planner will handle the intricate processes to organize your D-day, so put your focus on yourself and start following a healthy skin care routine for at least one month before the day comes!

    Follow a Good Skin-Care Regime
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These were some of the key rules every bride must follow to be the queen of the night! Set your own look and celebrate your most special day in the best way possible! Let your guy fall in love with you once again with a stunning look! You can consult Show Mania Events to organize your budget destination wedding.

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