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3 VIP Lounge Decor Ideas For Your Big Day In Rajasthan Wedding Venues
Posted by in Wedding Venues In Rajasthan On July 12, 2018

VIP lounge is a relatively new concept and has recently gained a lot of momentum. VIP lounge is nothing but a separate area made usually near the Sangeet stage or reception stage that you esteemed and special guests can sit and interact with other guests and also enjoy the evening in a relatively comfortable ambience. VIP lounges are made near the buffet area too for a comfortable dining experience. For you big day in best wedding venues in Rajasthan, online wedding planner these days suggest having at least 2-3 VIP lounge areas. For your lavish wedding celebrations in Rajasthan wedding venues, considering comfortable, elegant and relaxed lounges is definitely going to make your guests feel more comfortable and special. Wedding event management companies suggest keeping the decor of the lounge same as the overall decor of the venue and just add elements to make it more visually pleasing.

3 VIP Lounge Decor Ideas
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Show Mania events are an online wedding planner based in the capital city of Indian state of Rajasthan – Jaipur. We have been in the industry for nearly a decade and have planned some of the finest wedding in best wedding venues in Rajasthan. We specialize in luxurious destination weddings in Rajasthan wedding venues in the major cities of the state including – Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Pushkar and Jaisalmer to name a few. Recently we saw a big fat Indian wedding of a politician family and saw three different areas for the guests. First was VIP lounge which has about 1500 VIP’s, special invitees area and then for generally public. The wedding had a list of whopping 1.5 lakh guests and the way the three separate areas were planned and managed was commendable. As an online wedding planner we have to constantly keep ourselves informed about latest ideas and trends. Show Mania events will now suggest you can decorate the VIP lounge for your special day in finest wedding venues in Rajasthan.

  • The One In White And Peach: for night functions or for the day functions there are few colors that can equally rock the mood and vibes irrespective of the time of the function. And one such combination we adore as an online wedding planner is that of white and peach. We feel it can make for a great and definitely strikingly appealing VIP lounge decor. You can add elements like chandelier, beautiful yellow light, center pieces and vases to make it more stylish and sophisticated.

    The One In White And Peach
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  • Decorate It With Candles: for you big day in wedding venues in Rajasthan, wedding event Management Company suggests the use of this incredible element – candles to decorate the lunge area. You can have floating candles, or candles in jars or statement candle holders for the same.

    Decorate It With Candles
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  • Purple And Golden: yet another great combination to decorate VIP lounge for your most special day in Rajasthan wedding venues. You can have flowers, table cloth, cutlery and center pieces complimenting the entire decor.

    Purple And Golden
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Hope these VIP lounge decor ideas make it your wedding. For further assistance, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.

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