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5 Hottest Mehendi Event Decor Ideas that are a Hit
Posted by in Wedding Decoration Ideas On October 03, 2018

Mehendi Event Decor Ideas
Image Source: Gstatic

Indian weddings have their own charm. The series of pre and post wedding rituals seems to have no end! And we cannot help but fall in love with these fun ceremonies every time one of our close friends or relatives gets married. But this time, we are here to discuss one of the most special functions in a bride’s life: Mehendi ritual!!

Yes, you got that right. Mehendi ceremony is not only fun but also has some sentiments attached to it. All the dancing and not letting guys enter the function seems too much fun! But don’t you want you Mehendi ceremony to be like the most unique and totally out of the ordinary? If yes, then you have hit the right spot! We have got some sassy and stunning Mehendi event decoration ideas to make your Mehendi ritual the most unique and happening in town. Do check it out:

  • Deep Color Scheme:

    Deep Color Scheme
    Image Source: Pinimg

    We’ve heard and done many crazy events with color schemes but did you know you can have an amazing Mehendi function with a selective color scheme (a slightly deeper than the rest though!)?! And you don’t have to take the stress too, simply hire a wedding decorator in Jaipur (like us!) and your job is done! The wedding planner will make the best possible arrangements with the best color combinations for the bride’s special day!

  • Origami:

    Image Source: Wikimedia

    From paper fans to cranes to boats and flowers, origami can be a great idea for your Mehendi decoration. With a mix of colorful papers designed in a unique shape and hung all around the area, your Mehendi ceremony can look quite classy and at the same time be very well under the budget.

  • Fairy Lights:

    Fairy Lights
    Image Source: Pxhere

    The intelligent ones never say no to lights! Lights have their own charms. Whether you plan a wedding, a Mehendi ceremony or any other occasion, lights go well with simply anything and everything! You can find the best wedding planners in India like us to host a rocking Mehendi Ceremony for the Bride-to-be!

  • Props and DIY:

    Props and DIY
    Image Source: Focusbooth

    From funky eye wear to neon bands, props can be as crazy as can be for the most amazing Mehendi ceremony! You can have a party like event and have a blast before you finally enter into your new life with all your girls. So why make it boring when you can have the craziest Mehendi ever!!

  • 5 Photo Strings:

    Photo Strings
    Image Source: Zowed

    Photo strings can be really creative. Whether you have photos of your friends hanging around or with your lover boy, everything impresses the eye of whoever enters the venue! As a leading wedding planner in Rajasthan and catering to clients across the country, we can help you have the best Mehendi with out of the box event decoration ideas to make it the most memorable event of your life!

These Mehendi event decor ideas are sure to steal your hearts! Follow us on our Facebook page for more amazing updates and trendy event decoration ideas just for you!

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