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5 New Age Food Ideas By Best Wedding Planners In Jaipur
Posted by in Wedding Planners In Jaipur On June 26, 2018

Weddings in India are all about merriment with family and friends where you enjoy wedding festivities in a beautiful venue with dreamy décor ideas and drool worthy food planned and managed by best wedding planner. Needless to mention that destination wedding in India is what families and couples are looking for. After all destination wedding is an excuse to have the celebrations with the people who mean the world to you in a venue that I away from humdrum of city life. When it comes to destination weddings in India, Rajasthan is undoubtedly the first choice. The royal grandeur, rich culture and warm hospitality are what make the state a highly desired destination for weddings. Show Mania event is one of the best wedding planners in Jaipur – the capital city of Indian state of Rajasthan. Our passion to craft exclusive weddings is what makes us one of the top wedding planners in Jaipur.

Wedding Planners In Jaipur
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Talking about weddings in India, food is an important element after of course the venue and décor ideas. Your guests spare time from their busy schedule and travel from different parts of the country and globe to be a part of your special, thus paying details to aspects like hospitality, logistics and food will make them feel more special and wanted. Best wedding planner will suggest many such ways to make your guests feel at ease and relaxed. Wedding planners in Jaipur, with their experience in handling weddings of all sorts say that food factor is generally taken quite lightly by the people and thus generally have elaborate Asian menu for different wedding functions. Best wedding planners in Jaipur are here to suggest some of the new age food options and ideas spotted at wedding recently to make the wedding experience memorable for your esteemed guests.

  • Popsicle Cocktails: well summer weddings call for something cool and refreshing to beat the heat and wedding planners in Jaipur suggest that weddings these days are incomplete without the cocktails and hard liquor. Keeping both in mind best wedding planner suggest having cocktail Popsicle which will serve both the purpose. In other words it is nothing but gola with cocktail with refreshing raspberry sorbet.

    Popsicle Cocktails
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  • Soup Shooters: well you must have heard about vodka and tequila shots, how about having delicious and savory soup shots for winter weddings!! Best wedding planners in Jaipur suggest that are many appealing ways to present these just like in the image below.

    Soup Shooters
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  • Sushi Bars: best wedding planner suggest having cuisines from around the world for weddings these days. And having live sushi counters is definitely a new and delicious idea for your wedding this season.

    Sushi Bars
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  • Finger Foods: having snack items in less quantity is definitely in this year. You can have finger foods like mini tacos or meat balls with spaghetti will be great snack options for your wedding.

    Finger Foods
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  • Waffle Pops: presenting waffles in new, delicious and easy to have form is by having waffle pops. It looks cool and tastes even better.

    Waffle Pops
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Hope you liked these food ideas by best wedding planner for your big day. For further assistance, get in touch with us at +91 9860555187.

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