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5 Props For Bride And Groom Side For Your Destination Wedding In India
Posted by in Destination weddings On June 29, 2018

Earlier it was all about local weddings, where bride and groom side had different pre-wedding functions and groom side used to come with baraat to the city or venue selected by the bride side. Over the years scenario has changed. Top 10 wedding planners in India suggest it is all about combined weddings. Destination wedding in India is yet another trend and with that bride and groom have combined wedding functions in a venue away from the city life. They look for a professional wedding planning service to craft exclusive wedding and that’s when Show Mania events comes into the picture. We are a end – to – end wedding planning and event management services provider based in the heart of pink city of Rajasthan – Jaipur. We have been in the industry for over a decade and have successfully planned over 250 memorable weddings and other private events in major cities of Rajasthan including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Pushkar and Udaipur to name a few. Our professionalism and passion to craft exclusive weddings makes us top 10 wedding planner in India.

Destination Wedding In India
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It is easy to distinguish the bride and groom side in local weddings; however for destination wedding in India, it might get a little difficult. Destination wedding in India is nothing but an elaborate get-together in venue far away from city commotion; where families socialize, bond well, relax, enjoy wedding festivities and have a lot of fun. Top 10 wedding planners in India suggest many activities for bride and groom side to make the wedding more interesting and exciting. And spotting the bride and groom could be more fun with cool and super quirky props. Top 10 wedding planner in India – Show Mania events has compiled a list of adorable props to distinguish between bride and groom squad for your destination wedding in India.

  • Face Cutouts: Yes!! Fresh, creative, out of the box and simple idea to differentiate between the bride and groom side will be to have face cut outs of the to be married couples.

    Face Cutouts
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  • Shades For Your Eyes: for summer destination wedding in India, having sunglasses is necessary and it also adds to swag and could be a fun prop for bride and groom side plus it can be a good prop for photo opportunities too.

    Shades For Your Eyes
    Image Source: Google Image

  • Caps: apt for weddings of any season, top 10 wedding planner in India suggest this is the most trendy and coolest prop ever to differentiate between bride and groom side. You can choose a specific color for both the sides and have quirky slogans or words printed on it.

    Image Source: Google Image

  • Quirky Brooches: well we are not talking about the traditional brooches here. How about having giving quirky names to the bride and groom side with betiwaale or cholriwaale for bride and mundewaale or ladkewaale for the groom!! How cool could this be!

    Quirky Brooches
    Image Source: Google Image

  • Stoles: stoles apart from complimenting the Indian outfits could also be used to differentiate between bride and groom side. How about pink stoles for the bride side and blue for the groom side!

    Image Source: Google Image

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