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5 Quirky Bride Entry Ideas By Wedding Planning Companies
Posted by in Wedding Planning Companies On May 29, 2018

Wedding is the most special event of your life and the bride is especially looking forward to start a new journey with the love of her life. She dreams of a perfect fairy-tale moment all her life and wait till the day all of it becomes a reality. Indian weddings are a grand affair the preparations of which begin months in advance. There are many wedding planning companies you get in touch with and meet a couple of times to discuss the vision of your wedding and the scope of work. And finally hire the best wedding planner you could resonate with. Show Mania events are a wedding planning company based in Jaipur. We cater to luxurious weddings in major cities of Indian state of Rajasthan and have successfully crafted over 250 exclusive weddings and other personal events. Wedding decorations ideas play an important role in making the wedding celebrations grand. We understand this need and thus suggest best of event decoration ideas for your special day.

Wedding Planning Companies
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Wedding planning companies look after major aspects of the wedding like venue selection, wedding decoration ideas, hospitality, logistics, entertainment, food, photography and more. However, couple these days look for event decoration ideas that are personalized in every way and only best wedding planner can go out of its ways to make it exclusive for them. Wedding planning has evolved over the years!! From times when bride was accompanied by sister or friends to her groom to the times when brides are making trendy entries!! Modern brides are letting go of all the inhibitions and making every moment of her big day count. Imagine a happy bride making a statement entry on her big which is not only noticed by her guests but also etched in their minds forever. Apart from suggesting best of event decoration ideas, Show Mania events will also suggest ways brides can make a memorable entry on her wedding day.

  • Dramatic Smoke Bomb Entry: this entry is best suited for Mehendi or for day wedding. The colorful and vibrant wedding decoration ideas will be complemented really well these colorful smoke bombs.

    Dramatic Smoke Bomb Entry
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  • Bridesmaids Carrying Diyas: well if you want to go with the traditional way of making simple entry with the bridesmaids, then wedding planning companies suggest making is look more visually appealing and elegant when bridesmaids carry flowers petals and diyas.

    Bridesmaids Carrying Diyas
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  • Guests Blowing Bubbles: yet another idea for a memorable entry by the bride accompanied by her dear ones where they blow bubbles as she walks down the aisle!! It will make the event decoration ideas look dreamier.

    Guests Blowing Bubbles
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  • Sparkles And Cold Pyros: wedding planner will suggest the best of arrangements for your big day and to make the bridal entry memorable having a tunnel made of sparkles or cold pyros will look straight out of the fairytale.

    Sparkles And Cold Pyros
    Image Source: Google Image

  • The Queen Entry: wedding planning companies suggest bride entry on the day of her wedding in a palaki (palanquin) will make her the queen of her big day.

    The Queen Entry
    Image Source: Google Image

Hope these ideas help you plan your entry under the guidance of your wedding planner. For further assistance, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.


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