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5 Quirky Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Special Day
Posted by in Wedding Decoration Ideas On February 15, 2018

Show Mania events is an end to end wedding management company based in Jaipur city of Rajasthan. The company was initially run by one man who had a vision to deliver the best of services as a wedding planner. The team gradually grew and now has become one of the best wedding planning companies in the Pink city. Indian weddings are full of traditions, rituals and merriment. Families do not hesitate to take extra efforts to make the wedding of their beloved son or daughter memorable in every way possible. Show Mania events understands this emotion and leaves no stone unturned to suggest the best of venues and wedding decoration ideas to make the big day even more special. Couples these days look for ways to personalize their weddings to reflect their passion and persona as soul mates and we believe in making this dream come true.

Wedding Decoration Ideas
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As a wedding planner we believe venue selection is the most important aspect of any wedding, once your guest list is sorted you can finalize the venue. Wedding planning companies will suggest the best of venues that suit your requirements and budget perfectly. Event decoration ideas are yet another important aspect of wedding after hospitality, logistics and entertainment. When you have finalized the most beautiful venue for your big fat Indian wedding, the decor elements should be nothing less than beautiful for the most important event of your life. Wedding decoration ideas should be pleasing in every way; these must beautify the grandeur of the venue. Of course your wedding planner will suggest the best themes and decor elements for different pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies. However, there are a few elements you can’t afford to give a miss. We understand the importance of event decoration ideas and today we will suggest the quirkiest ones for your wedding.

  • Candles: The most incredible and versatile wedding decoration ideas of all times. These could be used as center pieces, hangings and along aisle as well. Placing floating candles on stagnant water can beautify the aura of the place.

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  • Cage Decor: A simple element can add a great amount of quirkiness to the wedding decoration ideas. You can have white cages with marigolds for mehendi function, or colorful cages with candles for evening functions.

  • Bottle Hangings: Colorful glass bottles have become much liked event decoration ideas by wedding planner these days. Simple hangings of colorful bottles or flowers placed in it can instantly make the ceremonies look more appealing.

    Bottle Hangings
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  • Kettles As Decorative: Yes, this old school element has become a preferred choice these days especially for day functions. These could be used as center pieces or could be hand painted with intricate designs and could be used as hangings as well.

    Kettles As Decorative
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  • Kalire And Bangles: Yet another quirky decor idea for your day wedding could be the use of kalire and string of marigold with bangles tied at one end as hangings. These have become a favorite decor element for wedding planning companies these days.

    Kalire And Bangles
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Hope you find these wedding decoration ideas interesting. For assistance in managing upcoming wedding in your family, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.


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