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5 Smart Ways To Plan A Budget Destination Wedding India
Posted by in Destination weddings On February 16, 2018

Destination weddings in India have been in trend for a long time now and are surely going to stay for a long time. Destination weddings are a perfect getaway for those who wish to tie the knot in the presence of near and dear ones in some of the best wedding destinations in India. Indian weddings are elaborate and expensive get-together and you must be wondering budget destination wedding India is practically not feasible. Well, Show Mania events being an Indian wedding planner feels that budget and destination wedding can be used together smartly. Yes, you read it right!!! It is very much possible to have a destination wedding on a budget; of course you have to keep certain things in mind while planning one. We have been in the wedding planning industry for more than 10 years now and we have planned all sorts of wedding in major cities of Rajasthan.

Budget Destination Wedding India
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While talking of Rajasthan once might only think of royal palace weddings where one spends exorbitantly on every aspect of wedding. However, being an India wedding planner we receive enquirers for destination wedding in Rajasthan from across the country and not everyone wants to have a luxurious wedding. People like to practically spend on their special day by having budget destination wedding India keeping the rituals as special as possible. Show Mania events have gained the reputation of one of the most professional wedding planning and event management company in Jaipur because we like to strict to the budget guidelines of our clients. We believe in delivering the best of venue, themes and decor and entertainment options well within the budget guidelines of our clients. Dreaming of a beautiful wedding on a budget in no way means opting for Do It Yourself decor options only or using a venue that doesn’t suit your personality!!! Here a few smart ways you can plan your destination wedding on a budget.

  • Make A Priority List: If you want a regal destination wedding in Rajasthan on a budget, it is time to make a list of three most important aspects of wedding like the venue, caterer and entertainment, for example. Then make a list of three aspects low on priority like invitations, flowers and linens, for example. You can chalk out budget from low priority list and allot it to aspects on the top of priority list.

    Make A Priority List
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  • Guest List: Budget destination wedding India depends to a great extent on the number of guests you invite. Your venue selection, food and other aspects will automatically cost you less if you invite just the ones who mean the world to you for your special day. After all this is what destination wedding is all about.

    Guest List
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  • Do It Yourself Decor: DIY decor options look classy in every way and also don’t cost much. You can use colorful bottles, cages or even kalire as hangings; these make for quirky decoration ideas for the best wedding destination in India.

    Do It Yourself Decor
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  • Menu: You can keep normal 4 course meals without too many options for pre-wedding weddings and a special gala dinner on the day of wedding and reception. Definitely a smart way to save up as suggested by Indian wedding planner!!

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  • Invitations: Instead of having elaborate printed invitations, use e-invites which you can email or send on Whatsapp.

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Hope these cost saving tips by Indian wedding planner help you plan budget destination wedding India. For further assistance, get in touch with us at +91 9689555187.


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