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5 Tasty Street Food Ideas By Wedding Event Management Companies
Posted by in Event Management Company On May 16, 2018

Having your big day planned in best wedding venues in Rajasthan is beautiful as well something for which you have make sincere efforts in planning. Rajasthan wedding venues are known for its royal grandeur, elegance and opulence and it indeed is a tough choice to decide on one venue especially when the state has an array of palatial and heritage properties in major cities of the state like Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Pushkar and Jaipur to name a few. That’s exactly when wedding event management companies come into the picture. Show Mania events is a wedding planning company based in the capital city of Rajasthan. We are also an online wedding planner, where our expert team chats with you in order to know your needs, requirements and expectations and accordingly suggest options suitable for you. One of the most important aspects in a wedding apart from venue and décor is the food.

Tasty Street Food Ideas
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While you take lot of efforts to find just the right venue for your big day, when it comes to food it is all about world cuisines these days. Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese and of course Indian! However, we at times overlook the wonders that Indian street food could for your wedding in Rajasthan wedding venues. Your guests must have travelled from different parts of the globe to be a part of your special day and a warm hospitality and amazing food is the least you must do to make them feel special. Show Mania event online wedding planner will suggest the best and drool-worthy street food that you must have in different wedding ceremonies of your special day.

  • Kachoori With Aloo Sabzi: well if you are hosting your wedding in best wedding venues in Rajasthan, having local snacks is a must. Out of an array of snacks, one of the most loved and filling would a combination of khasta kachori with aloo sabzi. A spicy treat that will surely be enjoyed by you and your guests!!

    Kachoori With Aloo Sabzi
    Image Source: Google Image

  • Dahi Bhalla: this Punjabi snack is loved by everyone and also a good option to beat the heat this summer. The soft bhalla is drowned in yoghurt with generous amounts of spicy and sweet chutney and sprinkled with salt, red chili powder and other spices. We are drooling already!!

    Dahi Bhalla
    Image Source: Google Image

  • Jalebis: a live counter of halwai making wafer crispy jalebis smeared in sugar syrup will make for a perfect appetizer for your guests for your wedding in Rajasthan wedding venues. After all who doesn’t like piping hot jalebis to sate their sweet-tooth!!

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  • Vada Pav: this famous Mumbai snack is surely going to make your guests go head over heels crazy for this for your wedding in best wedding venues in Rajasthan!! Aloo vada sandwiched between round pav and with spicy chutney on one side and served with fried green chilies.

    Vada Pav
    Image Source: Google Image

  • Pani Puri: the favorite street food of India can make your wedding function memorable. How about a live pani puri counter with different pani flavor options or you can also serve pani puri shots or fusion pani puri to have a combination of local and global as suggested by wedding event Management Company.

    Pani Puri
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