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5 Tips For A Great Corporate Event Planning On A Budget
Posted by in Corporate Event Planner On February 22, 2018

Show Mania events are a wedding manager and corporate event planner based in Jaipur city of Rajasthan. We believe in creating memorable events be it weddings or product launch or live events or concerts. Our highly professional approach makes us one of the most trusted event planners in the Pink city. We cater to luxurious weddings in lavish venues of major cities of Rajasthan – Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner and Pushkar. And when we are not planning weddings, our team focuses on creating successful corporate events!! Corporate event planning is different from managing weddings and personal events; the reason being goodwill of a brand is involved in company events. A company depending on its policy may hold as little as 2 events or as many as 12 events in a year. Of course a budget is allocated to such activities, however there might be a few events that need more budget and thus you have to plan a couple of events on budget to meet the requirements of the big event.

Corporate Event Planning
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You cannot compromise on hospitality, logistics, venue, food and other aspects of corporate event planning when top management and board of directors are involved. However, for events on smaller scale like Employee recognition party, employee meets, and other related events, you can tweak in changes to suit your budget. Show Mania events has successfully crafted and executed events for some of the most reputed names in Jaipur. We feel apart from various event planning aspects, the message that needs to be conveyed to the target audience should be explained in detail to the corporate event planner. The branding, communication, planning and execution depend to a great extent on the understanding of the message, vision and goal of the event. Show Mania events will give you a few quick tips for planning upcoming events in your company on a budget.

  • Unique Venue: Instead of booking banquet halls of 5 star hotels or massive lawns of luxurious properties, you can plan event on the terrace of company building or in a park close to the office. Your corporate event planner will do every bit to make these spaces look more elegant and also you will save up a lot on venue at least with this.

    Unique Venue
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  • Mind Your Menu: Corporate event planning is incomplete without food and we suggest instead of having elaborate menu with a gazillion options, you can have short menu. This way people will enjoy the food and savor every delicacy and food will also not be wasted and cost per plate will also be less.

    Mind Your Menu
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  • Interactive Food Counters: This not so expensive activity can be enjoyed a lot by your guests. Having interactive and Do It Yourself counters will be engaging and fun activity for your event.

    Interactive Food Counters
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  • Have A Signature Cocktail: Cocktails are essential when it comes to corporate event planning these days. Show Mania events, corporate event planner based in Jaipur, suggest having a signature cocktail will be a lot cheaper instead of a number of options.

    Have A Signature Cocktail
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  • Date Flexibility: Make sure your event is on a weekday or a day before or after the holiday if you are hosting it for employees.

    Date Flexibility
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Hope these corporate event planning ideas help you plan upcoming event in your company on a budget. If you are looking for a corporate event planner, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.


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