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Breathtaking Tips for Destination Weddings in India
Posted by in Destination weddings On September 27, 2018

Tips for Destination Weddings in India
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Brides dream about their wedding day for longer than you can imagine. And the grooms can’t keep calm because it’s their wedding day round the corner!! And both of them get all dreamy and set plans as to how to get married, what should be the color combination of their dresses, and so on. One of the most common dreams we have found out among wedding couples is having a destination wedding. Destination weddings in India have their own charm. Everyone gets excited by the mere idea of getting hitched in some far off location. And although we don’t want to die down your excitement, but organizing a destination wedding is the biggest pain! The amount of responsibilities you’ll be having is immense! Heavy enough to scare you to the extent that you cancel all your wedding plans!

But don’t worry, we are here to give you the best tips to organize a destination wedding in India that becomes the talk of all your attendees. So get excited and read the following tips:

  • Book a Date:

    Book a Date
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    Your wedding date is very special. And you need to decide a day beforehand to get married. Tying a knot is something you cannot do on just any day. The day has to be something very special! You can choose a date by consulting the elders at your home, or choose an emotional date that you both (the wedding couple) are attached to or follow the Indian customs of consulting a Pandit ji to do the job. This is the first move towards planning your budget destination wedding India.

  • Set Pre-Wedding Plans:

    Set Pre-Wedding Plans
    Image Source: MamaPlus

    Pre-wedding shoots are in trend. And you must not miss one if you are planning to get hitched anytime in the future. Choose a location, find a good photographer, shop the best dresses, choose a theme for the shoot, and just get it done! We are the best wedding decorator in Jaipur and can help you with some good contacts to set the best pre-wedding plans for you. Other than the shoot, you can also go for a bachelor’s party or a grand celebration to make it official.

  • Find a Wedding Planner in Rajasthan (Or Anywhere in India):

    Find a Wedding Planner in Rajasthan
    Image Source: Woman.bp-Labo

    Finding wedding planners can be a cakewalk for you, there are plenty of them available in the market. But choosing the best one could involve some brainstorming. You can even hire a destination wedding planner like us to make your wedding the most special one among all your attendees! The idea is to take the load off your shoulders and get a professional do the job for you!

  • Go Viral!!:

    Go Viral
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    Put up statuses on social media, print beautiful wedding cards, make online wedding websites (which is the latest trend), publish it on a special newsletter to be sent to all your guests and make it official! Let your people know that you are having a destination wedding in India!

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