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Breezy Summer Bridal Hairstyles By Wedding Planners In Jaipur
Posted by in Wedding Planners In Jaipur On June 08, 2018

Summer Wedding are vibrant and colorful but at the same time tiring as well. That heavy lehenga along with jewellery and make-up in that scorching heat makes everything seem dull. Summer weddings are mostly indoors as you can at least be at peace with yourself in the air conditioner. When it comes to destination weddings in India, Rajasthan is always the first preference, irrespective of the season. Both summer and winter weddings have a charm and could be planned flawlessly by wedding planners in Jaipur. When it comes to destination wedding in Rajasthan one of the best wedding planners in Jaipur – Show Mania events is always talked about. We are the best wedding planner based in the heart of the capital city of Indian state of Rajasthan – Jaipur. We have planned some of the most luxurious weddings in spectacular venues of major cities of Rajasthan including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner and Pushkar to name a few.

Bridal Hairstyles By Wedding Planners In Jaipur
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Over the years Indian weddings seems to have become more glamorous and personalized. Every year plethora of brides gives us some major style goals. Wedding planners in Jaipur have seen some of the most beautiful brides comfortable in their skin for their big day. Best wedding planners in Jaipur suggest that summer weddings in no way should hamper any bride in compromising on her over all look and appeal. Summer festivities should in no way keep them away from having beautiful hairstyles. A good hairstyle can add more appeal to overall look and help in making your bridal game on point. Show Mania events, the best wedding planner in Jaipur, suggest that brides can go for breezy hairstyles for their summer weddings or for pre-wedding functions at least as the bun is mandatory on the day of her wedding. Here are a few hairstyle ideas that brides can opt for their big day.

  • Messy Hair: wedding planners in Jaipur have seen a number of brides opting for a messy hairstyle, for pre-wedding functions at least, over a finely braided or properly brushed hair. Brides are becoming more confident about their natural hair and like to keep it simple, messy and playful.

    Messy Hair
    Image Source: Google Image

  • Bun In The Form Of A Bouquet: best wedding planners in Jaipur suggest that buns could be made more stylish by arranging aromatic and natural flowers in the form of a colorful bouquet.

    Bun In The Form Of A Bouquet
    Image Source: Google Image

  • Simple And Elegant Puff: best wedding planner suggest that if you are a simple bride, who is not glamorous but at the same time would like to look graceful can go for all time favorite, sober and yet attractive puff. Keep your hair open and breezy by making a beautiful puff which by the way can go with any outfit.

    Simple And Elegant Puff
    Image Source: Google Image

  • Braid It: yet another strikingly noticed bridal hair styles by wedding planners in Jaipur is that of a braid. If you have long hair and would like to keep it manageable, then making a braid is highly recommended.

    Braid It
    Image Source: Google Image

Hope you liked these hairstyle ideas by best wedding planners in Jaipur. For further assistance, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.

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