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Event Decor Ideas by Wedding Experts
Posted by in Best Wedding Planner On October 04, 2018

Event Decor Ideas by Wedding Experts
Image Source: InnovativeCloudCats

2018 has brought a whole new series of events, classic weddings, theme parties, fiestas, flourishing gardens, and so much more! And while everyone is getting excited for the chain of weddings to come with the changing weather and passing summers, some of the best wedding planners in India were working up on designing some awe-inspiring wedding event decoration ideas to spice up the whole wedding game altogether! So pull up your socks and wear your smiles because these event decor ideas will bring some of the best things you can implement in your wedding to make it the biggest hit among your relatives, friends, and everyone else!

  • The Perfect Fairytale:

    The Perfect Fairytale
    Image Source: WikiMedia

    We have grown up listening to fairy tales and watching the cartoons displaying all those beautiful angels and crowning princes. And when it’s time for the queen (you!) to meet her real-life prince, why forget the fairy tale stories! You may not have those glorious crowns and flashy dresses, but you can definitely have a king-like feel in a perfect fairy tale wedding as the one shown in the picture. You can hire a professional wedding decorator in Jaipur and share your idea of having a beautiful royal wedding and he will get it done for you!

  • The Fun Carnivals:

    The Fun Carnivals
    Image Source: EventsByDesign

    Weddings and like events should be as fun as possible and not those boring kinds. We have moved way forward than those typical traditional wedding events. And what better can be than having a carnival-like wedding! Forget the crowns and glory, let’s indulge in some real time fun with colors splashing all over and carnival vibes. This is one of the peppiest trends for wedding found by the best wedding planners in India!

  • The Power of White:

    The Power of White
    Image Source: ViaBoda

    White color has its own charm. It’s mesmeric. You cannot stop but praising the color because it is so soothing, peaceful and makes everything beautiful! You can utilize the power of white in arranging an amazing wedding ceremony. This is perhaps one of the most elegant event decoration ideas for wedding. And before you judge the color, let us tell you that you’re really going to lose on to the charm if you even try to judge or reject this idea!

  • Minimal Decoration, Maximum Elegance!:

    Minimal Decoration, Maximum Elegance!
    Image Source: Msa-Sea

    Yes, you read that right. Minimal designs are back in trend, this time all the stronger! Whether it is basic flower arrangements, DIY origami designs, photo strings, or the like, your wedding venue will look stunning with the basic design ideas. In fact, you can simply hire a professional and experienced wedding planner in Rajasthan or in your local area and let him do the needful for you. While you can sit and enjoy your occasion!

  • Vintage:

    Image Source: StaticFlickr

    Vintage looks can be really classy. Like really, really classy! This is one of the most favorite event decoration ideas of wedding experts. And not just for weddings, vintage themes can be great for any occasion: events, casual parties, pre-wedding parties, reception, and so on!

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