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Excellent Gift Ideas for the Bride to Be You Shouldn’t Miss
Posted by in Destination weddings On October 13, 2018

Excellent Gift Ideas for the Bride
Image Source: StaticFlickr

Whether it’s your best friend’s wedding or someone in your maternal or paternal side’s family, you got to be nice to them. And as a matter of fact, women love gifts and surprises, so why not give them what they deserve on their D-day itself!! Weddings are very special as you know, and hence calls for a very special gift too! We have already discussed about some amazing event decoration ideas in our previous blogs, now it’s time to give you a dose of some outstanding gifting ideas for the bride to be! You can even suggest your friend or relative our name as a reliable wedding event planner in Jaipur or their specific location, you know to save their time and money while we can help them host a spectacular wedding for them!

By that time, you can get some hint on what to gift to the bride to be. Here’s the list:

  • Expensive Makeup Kit:

    By expensive here, we don’t intend that the local brands aren’t good. But come ‘on!! It may be your best friend’s wedding or someone very close. Would you want to gift a lipstick from a roadside stall? And although, having a makeup collection is what every girl loves but they don’t generally buy those Mac cosmetics or highly expensive brands which they love due to any xyz reason. But you could surprise them with a makeup kit of their favorite brand or a set or lipstick shades if your friend has eternal love for lip makeup! And we could help them as their destination wedding planner to host a sophisticated affair according to their budget!

  • Body Mist:

    Body Mist
    Image Source: Vix

    Perfumes and fragrances are another great idea to gift your best friend on her wedding day. If you have someone living outside India in countries like Dubai, you can order something from there and delight the bride to be with a posh fragrance! Do remember her choice of scents that she likes and accordingly plan a gift for her.

  • Honeymoon Package:

    Honeymoon Package
    Image Source: StaticFlickr

    If you really want the couple to go to a place and they have been crying over the prices, you could gift her a honeymoon package to that location along with a group of other friends. But be very sure that they do not have any other plans, otherwise it could turn out to be a waste of money. If your friend wants a destination wedding in India, you could help her with the ideas and know her choice of places to figure out a good honeymoon destination for them!

That’s it for today! We’ll bring you more awesome out of the box ideas for gifting, event decoration and everything to help you and your friends host a wow kind of budget destination wedding India. If you have any queries, do contact us through our Facebook page. And let all your friends know about these gifting ideas if you really want to save their reputation!!

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