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Expert Bridal Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know
Posted by in Bridal Beauty On October 10, 2018

Bridal Makeup Tips
Image Source: WikiMedia

Wedding is perhaps the most photographed day of our lives. And we are sure you wouldn’t want to look any less than a queen on the very special day of your life with your love. And so we thought why not to just come up with some exquisite makeup tips every bride should know right from the experts to help them adorn themselves in the most spectacular way to steal the look for the day! You might take notice of every minute detailing of your wedding: flower arrangements, bride and groom throne, rings, flower garlands, seating arrangements, decoration, and more; you are most likely skip focusing on your makeup and style thinking that your stylist would do it as per her. But no, you need to take charge here as well! The rest of things can be well handled by hiring a professional wedding decorator in Jaipur or anywhere in the country (like us!).

Let’s discuss them at length:

  • #Tip1 Hydrate Your Skin:

    Hydrate Your Skin
    Image Source: CloudFront

    Hydrating skin is perhaps one of the most spoken beauty tip by skin experts and celebrity stylists. The fact that you may have ignored all your life till today is that a well hydrated skin is best to apply makeup and to attain a natural glow which best defines the beauty of any woman! So while you have wedding planning companies like ours to handle your wedding event in the best possible manner, don’t forget to hydrate your skin if you really want to look the best on your D-day!

  • #Tip2 Waterproof Products Only!!!:

    Waterproof Products Only
    Image Source: Pexels

    This is possibly the ultimate disclaimer you should print and stick on the wall right in front of your bed to remind yourself daily: waterproof products only! You know the best thing about Indian weddings right? Emotions and all that! Also, would you want your eye liner to drip down your cheeks along your tears? Or worse, your lipstick to find its way to your upper lip or chin and you end up being the eye-catcher but in a funny way! So yes: WATERPROOF PRODUCTS ONLY PLEASE!!

  • #Tip3 Simple is the New Sexy:

    Simple is the New Sexy
    Image Source: Gstatic

    Okay so read this one very carefully! No woman could have escaped from the memes and jokes trending on the internet of using kilos of makeup to look unrealistically beautiful. So don’t make it real! All your face powder and foundation and all of that do not need to over emphasize your look. A dark eye makeup probably with a subtle look and a dark red lipstick can make you look like a bomb!! And believe us, your guy would love you more when you have a simple look rather than tons of makeup hiding your pretty face!

  • #Tip4 Teeth Whitening is a MUST!!!:

    Teeth Whitening is a MUST
    Image Source: Mlstatic

    Again, being the most photographed day of your life, you cannot let your pictures showing your yellow or colored teeth. Imagine how embarrassing it would be! Come on!! You cannot spoil your wedding event or wedding night, both have to be the best to give you smiles whenever you cherish this day a few years down the line. So go for teeth whitening session before your wedding please!!

And for the rest of the planning, hire a wedding event planner in Jaipur or your area. We are among the top 10 wedding planners in Jaipur. Contact us to have your dream wedding in the best way ever!

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