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Quirky Invites For Your Big Day In Best Wedding Destinations In India
Posted by in Destination weddings On June 18, 2018

Indian weddings are full of rituals, fun traditions and of course the vibrant vibes. Be it budget destination wedding India or your big day in best wedding destinations in India, the preparations for wedding start months in advance. Once the wedding dates are out and tentative guest list is made, search for Indian wedding planner begins to manage other major aspects of the wedding. And that’s exactly when Show Mania events come into the picture. We are an end – to – end wedding management and event planning services provider based in Jaipur city of Rajasthan. We have been in the industry for over a decade now and have planned more than 250 weddings and other private events in spectacular venues of the royal state. We specialize in destination weddings in Rajasthan and have crafted elite and exclusive weddings in some of the major cities of state like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner and Pushkar to name a few.

Wedding Destinations In India
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Be it budget destination wedding India or your special day in best wedding destinations in India, sending out an invitation to your guests about the wedding timeline, dates and venue is important. It first begins with sending out Save the Date invites and videos informing your beloved guests about the wedding dates. And a final formal invitation is sent along with all the details related to the wedding and venue. Indian wedding planner suggest that families are becoming more and more thoughtful about every detail in weddings and hence, sending out normal wedding invites with a box of sweets or handmade chocolates has become old school now. Couples look for ways to make their wedding as personalized as possible and what better than starting with quirky invitations. Show Mania events will suggest some of the most creative and quirky wedding invitation designs for your big day in best wedding destinations in India.

  • Cartoon Style Invites: well invitations are formal, but they need not be boring. How about being giving up traditional and to be really honest boring invitation designs and having cartoon style invite to invite your guests. This will not only look creative, but exciting as well and will definitely make a memorable first impression on your guests and will be a perfect glimpse to what lies ahead in your wedding.

    Cartoon Style Invites
    Image Source: Google Image

  • Invitation That Turns Into A Plane: this will be a fun, cool and funky invite for sure for your big fat special day in best wedding destinations in India. The fonts, colors, style and pattern are so apt that it looks like a plane once you fold it.

    Invitation That Turns Into A Plane
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  • Birdcage As Invite: apart from being versatile decorative element for both budget destination wedding India or luxurious wedding, bird cage after being decorated gracefully could also turn into a wedding invite.

    Birdcage As Invite
    Image Source: Google Image

  • Special Destination Wedding Invite: for the couples who are also ardent travelers, sending out quirky invite which shows their common love for travel will definitely be a memorable glimpse of your big day as a couple.

    Special Destination Wedding Invite
    Image Source: Google Image

Hope you liked these invite design ideas suggest by Indian wedding planner. For further assistance, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.


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