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Reception Ceremony Landing Page



This ceremony takes place after taking the wedding vows. This is mostly a night function and could be a cocktail evening followed by a lavish dinner. Some families even have dance performances or have live bands or singers for the entertainment. This function marks the end of the grand Indian wedding affair and needs to be splendid in every way.

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We also provide the following services

  • Venue-Selection

    Venue Selection

    Reception generally has a lot of guests as you invite all your acquaintances who were not a part of the functions, to shower their blessings on the newly wedded couple.

  • Invitation


    Reception is glamorous in every way and the invitation for the same should be nothing less than enchanting and attractive. Keep the design simple for an added elegance and grace.

  • Designing


    Stage is the most important feature of reception ceremony. Designing a stage that is easily accessible, conspicuously visible and also comfortable to climb is really important for its grand success.

  • Hospitality


    This function is the final test of your warm hospitality. Your much loved guests must depart with happy memories and a final good bye gift is mandatory after this function.

  • Logistics


    A wedding is incomplete without impeccable logistics. Timely arrival and departure of guests, photographs and other vendors is very important. Show Mania events have a department that specializes in logistics.

  • Decor

    Reception being an elegant function, the décor for the evening should be graceful. You can have cage décor along with candles and English flowers to go with the set up.

  • Photos & Videos

    During reception the bride and groom are seated on the stage to greet and meet all the guests and seek blessings from them. Photography plays vital role in the evening.

  • Entertainment


    Having a Sufi band or just live band singing the best of romantic songs along with an Anchor to host the function will make the evening memorable in every way.

  • Trousseau


    To keep up with the elegant vibes, having clothes that compliment the theme and the entire décor arrangements is important. Hence, indo-western outfits are best suited for this special evening.


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