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Successful In House Corporate Event Planning Insights
Posted by in Corporate Event Planner On April 23, 2018

Corporate Event planning is all about planning, managing and executing company’s vision and mission to its stakeholders which could be – employees, top management, new or existing clients and other stakeholders. You have in house or maybe you hire a professional help in the name of a corporate event planner to handle all the aspects of the event namely – venue selection, decor, food, marketing, branding, hospitality, entertainment, logistics and more. It is always advised to hire a company who specializes in corporate events and that’s exactly when Show Mania events comes into the picture. We are a wedding planning and event management firm based in Jaipur city of Rajasthan and apart from planning luxurious weddings, have crafted some of the most memorable events for big companies in Jaipur and other major cities of Rajasthan. Our sincere approach, dedication and team of experts make sure your event is memorable in every way and your message is clearly communicated to the target audience.

Corporate Event Planning
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When it comes to corporate event planning all we could think of is the concerts, product launch, conference, exhibitions and meet with existing and new clients. However, it is the people of the company, the employees who are its most important stakeholders. Show Mania events feel there should be timely activities or event planned for them to acknowledge their dedication, service and hard work. Every year we plan a number of exciting and engaging events for various companies and we have seen zeal and enthusiasm of the companies to recognize the best of employees and motivate the rest to perform better. There are a number of corporate event planning ideas for employees and these could be employee recognition, employee holidays, and team building events, success party and many more. Being a corporate event planner, Show Mania events will tell you various ways you can plan a memorable event for your employees.

  • Exciting Venues: organizing events for your employees in meeting room or banquet or garden space of a hotel is boring. For a memorable corporate event planning experience you can go little off beat and creative by organizing events on company or hotel terrace, or by the pool of a hotel or even in a pub. For informal events, such venues are more enjoyable.

    Exciting Venues
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  • Interactive Exercises: your prime purpose of organizing the event is to make your new employees comfortable and appreciate the efforts and consistency of the old ones. Corporate event planner here must suggest team building exercises, because in the end they have to work as a team and what better than make them bond well for a good team building exercise for better efficiency!! You can have a number of games and activities planned for the same.

    Interactive Exercises
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  • Entertainment: employees work day and night to make sure targets of the company are achieved. In order to recognize their dedication you can also have a good entertainment planned for them in the form of DJ, choreographed performances and filler like comedians or magicians.

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Hope these ideas helps in effective corporate event planning exercise. For further assistance, get in touch with Show Mania corporate event planner at +91 9680555187.


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