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Things To Send With Invites For Your Destination Wedding In India
Posted by in Destination weddings On May 23, 2018

Wedding in India are nothing less than a royal affair and the celebrations have become more glamorous over the years. It is needless to mention that Indian weddings are elaborate get-togethers with people who mean the world to you and is all so a little pompous with the most surreal and dreamiest wedding venues in India. Top 10 wedding planners in India every year plan a plethora of weddings most of these are exceptionally luxurious and splendid in every way. Show Mania events are top 10 wedding planner in India catering to destination weddings especially in major cities of Rajasthan namely Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Pushkar and Jodhpur to name a few. We have been in the industry for over a decade and planned over 250 destination weddings in India. Our passion to craft exclusive weddings, our professionalism and dedication towards are our work has made one of the top 10 wedding planners in India.

Destination Wedding In India
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When it comes to weddings in India, the preparations begin months in advance and first thing that family’s do is make a budget, make a guest list (which is quite intimate these days) and maybe choose a destination. Then top 10 wedding planner in India that they hire takes care of other aspects of the wedding – venue selection, invitation, décor, entertainment, hospitality, logistics, photography, food and more. When it comes to invitation for your ultimate destination wedding in India the conventional invite with a box of sweets is definitely not in trend. It has become an old school concept now and top 10 wedding planners in India are suggested off beat and useful gifts to be sent with invitations. Show Mania events will suggest a few ideas of gifts to be sent with you invite to make a memorable first impression for your grand destination wedding in India.

  • Mason Jars With Sweets: well sweet box is as much old school as sending sweets in a dabba, how about sending sweets or premium home-made chocolates in a beautifully wrapped mason jar!!

    Mason Jars With Sweets
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  • Saplings: top 10 wedding planners in India have observed and even suggested environment friendly gifts to be sent with invites and one of the favorite is sending saplings as a symbol of you love for your partner which will bloom in every home. From Bollywood celebrities to power couples, sending saplings or even potted plants is a big hit.

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  • Goodies Basket: when you are absolutely clueless about what to send with the invitations, top 10 wedding planner in India suggest sending a basket full of love in the form of goodies. An assorted basket with sweets, dry fruits, champagne, namkeen and more!!

    Goodies Basket
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  • Aromatic Candles: how about sending a box full of beautiful aromatic candles or incense kit with your invite!! This will be useful option as well and every time they use it, they will remember the good times they had in the wedding of your beloved son or daughter.

    Aromatic Candles
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Hope these invitation ideas for your destination wedding in India were useful. For further assistance, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.


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