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Tips To Plan An Affordable Destination Wedding In India
Posted by in Destination weddings On January 30, 2018

Every girl dares to dream of meeting her prince charming someday. Well these days it is about prince charming and a destination wedding in India to be precise. Show Mania events are a wedding planner based in Pink city – Jaipur of Rajasthan and we specialize in destination weddings. Well as soon as one thinks of destination wedding in India, we feel royal palaces, lavish decorations and expensive weddings where one spends money exorbitantly. Being in wedding planning industry for over a decade and having organized a number of destination weddings, we feel budget destination wedding India are also quite feasible. Not all weddings are big fat; people like to balance the excitement of getting married in a new city but also abiding their set budget guidelines. And let us tell you, planning affordable wedding is not as difficult as it sounds. Yes, you read it right we used wedding and affordable together and trust us it is very much possible. Today, we will share tips to plan an affordable yet fun and absolutely fantastic destination wedding in India.

Destination Wedding In India
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  • Go For Unconventional Locations: these days’ destination weddings in Rajasthan, Delhi and Mumbai are quite in trend. However, if you wish to go for budget destination wedding India, you have to avoid the mainstream locations and opt for unconventional destinations like Dharamshala, Shimla, Ranthambore National Park to name a few. Such places are far away from city life commotion and the hotels of these destinations are less explored and thus you can project in any way you want. If you want to save up travel costs as well, you can opt for destination wedding in India in the outskirts of your city as well. A resort or a heritage hotel about 1 hour from your city sounds great for destination wedding isn’t it!!

    Go For Unconventional Locations
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  • Locally Produced Gifts And Favors: gifts and favors have become an essential part of destination wedding in India and they also lead to a heavy investment element. For your budget destination wedding India make sure you use local products as giveaways. For example if you are planning a destination wedding in Shimla, there is an NGO in the city which produces jam and hence you can use these products as a token of appreciation for your guests. This will save up a lot of cost.

    Locally Produced Gifts And Favors
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  • Avoid Getting Married In Wedding Season: while winters is the ultimate wedding season in India, how about planning your destination wedding in off season!! Planning wedding in tourist off season, on weekdays can save you a major chunk of money which you can utilize in other aspects of weddings as well.

    Avoid Getting Married In Wedding Season
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  • Keep A Check On The Guest List: the entire concept of budget destination wedding India depends to a great extent on your guest list. Show Mania events feel you are not supposed to please EVERYONE by inviting them to your wedding. Make your guest list crisp and precise this will help you plan your budget destination wedding.

    Keep A Check On The Guest List
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  • Book Early: bulk bookings and early bookings can save up a lot of cost. Get travel details and other documents from your guest and book flights together and ask for bulk ticket booking discount.

    Book Early
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Hope these small tips here and there helps you plan your big in a new city. Get in touch with us at +91 9680555187 for planning your budget destination wedding in India.

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