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Tips to Have a Super Cool Baraat on Your D-Day!!
Posted by in Wedding Planning Companies On September 19, 2018

If there’s something we all get excited about at the mere idea of going to a wedding in our country, it is probably ‘baraat me naachna’. And the cherry on the cake is when you are from the groom’s side. But along with all those joyful moments and dancing memories, you get your ‘wet in sweat’ diaries. What if we give you some uber cool ideas to pep up your entry in your wedding and bring in all the swag to make you the ‘most amazing prince’ in town? Well, that’s what we are known for! Being one of the top 10 wedding planners in India, we need to maintain our standards too, you know. So let’s break the ice without wasting much time and read some innovative tips to have a ‘desi swag vali Baraat’ on your wedding day.

Super Cool Baraat on Your D-Day
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  • Enter in Style: Coming on your wedding day while sitting on a horse with a sword in hand is something everyone expects from you. What if you enter in a totally styled up (Apna Desi Style) Rikshaw or a modified auto with horses tied in front leading the way? Well, that would be something that would be the eye catcher of the night. Something totally different and yet super exciting!! But yeah, don’t lose your attitude Mr. Groom.

    Enter in Style
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  • Color Coordinated: We told you already, we have everything you need to have the best Baraat ever! Let your bride know you are the coolest Baraatis ever!! So up next we have a brilliant idea of color coordination. This can work both as one of the classic event decoration ideas people work in theme parties or color coordinated dresses. All the Baraatis can come dressed in color coordination or wear a similar designed dress to show tell your bride the squad is here!! Because wearing branded stuff is so mainstream!!!

    Color Coordinated
    Image Source: shaadisaga

  • Jazz It Up with Some Props: Well, props are another interesting way to catch eyeballs. You can bring in those color bombs or some jazzy eye wear to top it up with your Sherwani. This is something no one will stop praising for, trust us! We help our clients have the most amazing time on their wedding day with innovative and totally out-of-the-box event decor ideas curated specially for them!

  • A Surprise Element: It doesn’t sound right to confuse others, but a little fun is never bad! You can scare everyone by sending an empty horse cart to the wedding and have a stunner entry in your wedding as the ‘man of the house’! Sounds interesting, isn’t it? It can actually be highly confusing yet a great fun moment to cherish for the rest of your lives. Rest, you can contact yours truly as your wedding event planner in Jaipur and organize a rakish wedding you’ve always dreamt of!

    A Surprise Element
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That’s it for today. We shall come up with more innovative event decoration element ideas and more for the ultimate wedding to make it the talk of the town. Contact us to hire the best budget wedding planner in Jaipur. The details are available right on our website! Hurry!

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