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Top 5 Kinkiest Honeymoon Destinations around the World
Posted by in Honeymoon Destinations On December 11, 2018

Top 5 Kinkiest Honeymoon Destinations around the World
Image Source: Vacation

Indians just love to have their wedding celebration in the most loudest and exciting way! But is that only for wedding? No! We Indians are equally game for having the kinkiest honeymoons too. And our population of 1.3 billion is a good example to support the same! So while many plan an exotic budget destination wedding India and some of them even plan pre as well as post-wedding ceremonies with the help of a professional wedding event planner in Jaipur or elsewhere in India, honeymoon destination(s) is something that the couple decides according to their wildest fantasies and preferences.

So while you may be in love with the romance and erotica 50 shades of grey, here’s a list of 5 such destinations where you can recreate the film in your own unique way!

    1. Cove Haven Resort, Pennsylvania:

      Cove Haven Resort, Pennsylvania
      Image Source: Gstatic

      This one might come a little (okay, we agree a lot!) over your budget but the lavish suite is worth to spend every penny for! From having a secret package delivered to your room to the exotic 7-foot long champagne glass-shaped tub to the little indoor heart-shaped tub, this place is heavenly and is perfect to have the kinkiest honeymoon ever! You can check with your wedding event planner in Jaipur or at your native place once if you could get rid of extra bills in any way and save some money!

    2. Desire Pearl Resort and Spa, Riviera Maya, Mexico:

      Desire Pearl Resort and Spa, Riviera Maya, Mexico
      Image Source: Arminastravel

      The name of the resort itself speaks for the kind of services and objective they work for: to provide ultimate satisfaction to their customers. You can even have your fantasies fulfilled in public in some areas of the resort! So make sure you save a lot with your budget destination wedding India because this is going to steal some gold from you!

    3. The Standard Spa, Miami:

      The Standard Spa, Miami
      Image Source: CloudFront

      Miami is one of the top destinations for couples when it comes to honeymoon. The Standard Spa here is an adult-only resort which offers a range of spa services to heighten your senses. Let yourself free and enjoy the experience!

    4. Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas:

      Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas
      Image Source: Gstatic

      Imagine what would it be to have your honeymoon in the ‘sin city’ itself! Ask your wedding event planner in Jaipur or your town to help you book the tickets and head off to this exotic resort. From rotating beds to mirrored ceilings to what not, this place is definitely going to give you the experience you’d been waiting for!

    5. The Drake Hotel, Toronto:

      The Drake Hotel, Toronto
      Image Source: Photos

      You may believe that Canada is full of soft hearted and kind souls. Well, there’s a darker side to it too! Canadians, themselves, are quite kinky like Indians! The Drake is known for the famous X club and after parties. So are you ready to commit your sins? Then head to here! But before that, make sure you have enough money saved from your budget destination wedding India to binge on some real adventure!


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