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Top 5 Outdoor Wedding Event Decoration Ideas 2018
Posted by in Wedding Decoration Ideas On October 02, 2018

So we are close to winters and this seems to be just the perfect weather and time for couples to set out for an outdoor wedding plan! Outdoor weddings are fun and exciting! There’s so much to do with a wedding in an outdoor venue. Destination wedding in India is one of the examples of outdoor weddings. You have countless event decoration ideas, classy arrangements, an elegant food display, and so much more. It is definitely a better choice over those typical traditional weddings and extravagant affairs. You can even hire professional wedding planners in Jaipur or perhaps, in any part of the country to give you brilliant outdoor wedding ideas to make up for a spectacular wedding day! In this blog, we are going to take you on a tour of some amazing outdoor wedding event decoration ideas you cannot afford to miss. Let’s get started:

  • A Minimal Affair with a Grill Party: This can be really cool, you know! Having a grill party on your wedding day outside with your closest people sounds so much fun! You can find the best wedding planners in India to help you host one such event without letting you take the stress. An idea of a minimal affair with grill party can be converting your own patio into a shoreline heaven or a grilling place for your wedding night. During the wedding or post the wedding affair, you choose the time to organize such a thing!

    A Minimal Affair with a Grill Party
    Image Source: FerryHouse

  • Beach Wedding: No one can skip partying at beaches. They are simply the best! So why skip the best idea for your outdoor wedding? You can have decorations in a color combination or just like that, the idea is to utilize and outdoor venue to host a perfect dream wedding for the couple. And you can get help from no better than a wedding decorator in Jaipur or like we said before, any part of the country you may be living in!

    Beach Wedding
    Image Source: WeddingWire

  • Buffet Setting in a Natural Arrangement with Flowers: Mingle nature with food and it gives so much positive vibes that all your guests will be in the zone of your wedding for days post the D-day! Just imagine! Also, having a buffet system in an outdoor venue can prove to be very cost-effective since you don’t have to spend on booking a separate hall for the same. It can also be a great idea for organizing a budget destination wedding India!

    Buffet Setting in a Natural Arrangement with Flowers
    Image Source: Asuntospublicos

  • Lighting Done Right: Lighting up outdoor venues can be really impressive. Not only is it soothing to the eyes of the visitors, but also looks so special! Not to forget that lights can be used as a symbol of glory, love, and brightness in the lives of the bride and groom-to-be. Lighting is also one of the most preferred event decor ideas used for weddings and other events.

    Lightings Done Right
    Image Source: Myeventkings

  • DIY Arrangements: DIY is in trend for quite some time now and can be utilized in organizing outdoor weddings too! For instance, you can have an open photo booth with some crazy props used by the bridesmaid and bride to pose around and click memories of a lifetime!

    DIY Arrangements
    Image Source: Etsystatic

You can hire as your destination wedding planner or organizer for having the perfect fairy-tale outdoor wedding affair!

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