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Use Of Silk Flowers By Top 10 Wedding Planners In India
Posted by in Indian Wedding Planner On February 06, 2018

Flowers have incredible ability to make any area look and feel fresh and extremely pretty. Flowers are extensively used in a number of festivals in India, be it Holi or Diwali or Christmas or weddings or religious functions and even in everyday life. Indians do not hesitate in using flowers anywhere and everywhere. Show Mania events being one of the top 10 wedding planners in India have planned a number of events belonging to different categories. Be it conference or seminars or other corporate events or weddings or birthday parties or anniversary celebrations or live events or concerts, flowers can easily be used the way you want. Being an online wedding planner, Show Mania events has organized regal weddings in heritage properties of major cities of Rajasthan. Best wedding venues in Rajasthan look stunningly gorgeous with the use of right kind of flowers. There are no rules as such about using certain kind of flowers in weddings; it should match with the theme and overall vibes of the function.

Wedding Planners In India
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Being one of the top 10 wedding planners in India, Show Mania events have seen mostly the use of real flowers for weddings. Be it marigolds or roses or orchids or tulips or chrysanthemum or any other seasonal flowers. The soft fragrance of the flowers set the right mood for the celebrations. Be it the vibrant mehendi ceremony or cocktail sangeet or traditional wedding or elegant and classy reception, the kind of flowers you choose in wedding venues in Rajasthan makes a lot of difference. Being an online wedding planner, we get a lot of queries from people about the flower work being expensive. Fresh flowers are expensive and freshness doesn’t last for too long. Some of the families with lower budget for this particular aspect of wedding prefer the use of artificial flowers – widely known as Silk Flowers.

Top 10 wedding planners in India
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There is actually no harm in using silk flowers at all, in fact these are easy to handle, look exactly like the real ones, these have a beautiful fragrance to it, lasts much much longer and are quite economical. What more do you want!! However, having an experience of working in reputed wedding venues of Rajasthan, we have observed couples shy away in using silk flowers because they are artificial. Well that is not at all a valid reason to not to use it. Being in the industry for over a decade and one amongst top 10 wedding planners in India we suggest the use of silk flowers if you are not willing to spend much on this segment. Plus the kind of flower you want for your wedding function may or may not be available due to seasonal issues, hence use of silk flowers is what we recommend. Couples should not hesitate in using these at all. These come in beautiful colors and look pretty and come in different varieties, one can also make a bouquet of silk flowers matching the clothes of the bride and groom.

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Hope these small tips by online wedding planner are helpful and you don’t hesitate in using silk flowers in upcoming wedding in your family. For further assistance, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.

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