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Wedding Decoration Ideas That Will Trend The Most In 2018
Posted by in Wedding Decoration Ideas On May 09, 2018

With an array of wedding planning companies planning your special day, choosing the best wedding planner is a difficult option. Planning a wedding is a lengthy process and for smooth flow of events during the 2 day wedding affair, the planning needs to start well in advance as early as 8 months at least. After short-listing the venue, making your guest list choosing the best of wedding decorations ideas is tricky. Hired wedding planner will suggest plethora of themes and event decoration ideas for your big day, it depends on you how you visualize your big day. Show Mania events is a wedding planning and event Management Company based in Jaipur. We have been in the industry for over a decade now and absolutely amazed by the way the industry has grown over the years. Wedding planning industry is a highly dynamic industry a trend today becomes a fad tomorrow.

Wedding Decoration Ideas
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Wedding planning companies actively look for ways to make your weddings customized and exclusive. Every year you will notice new trends be it wedding decoration ideas or style trends. Wedding planner your hire will make sure you get the best and latest in your budget guidelines that meets your needs and requirements. The year 2017 was all about royal grandeur, pastel colors and big fat celebrations. The trends in 2018 are different when it comes to entire management and event decoration ideas. Here are best of suggestion by wedding planning companies related to wedding decoration ideas for your big day.

  • Intimate Gathering: the trend of destination wedding will be blatantly seen in 2018 as well. And yet another trend will be of intimate weddings where only the people who mean the world to you will be a part of your wedding celebrations irrespective of destination or local weddings. Having a big fat wedding with a long and elaborate guest list will not be seen this year. Intimate guest list means less stress, smooth flow of functions, no delays and you enjoy wedding people who mean the world to you.

    Intimate Gathering
    Image Source: Google Image

  • Neon Motifs: this will be a striking part of weddings in 2018. Wedding planning companies suggest having motifs or symbols or hashtags in neon will be seen a lot in weddings this year. These could be perfectly used during day as well as night functions and guess these look visually attractive as well.

    Neon Motifs
    Image Source: Google Image

  • Lights: 2018 will be about using lights as one of the most important elements in wedding decoration ideas especially for the evening or night ceremonies. Having yellow bulbs used as hanging right above tables will give vintage vibes to the wedding. See the below image for reference.

    Image Source: Google Image

  • Details: this year is all about having an eye for details. Wedding planner you hire will give a lot of importance to details this year. Be it the kind of flowers you use or the way you decorate the isle or even the centerpieces or color of the table cloth, taking care of minutest details will make your wedding decoration ideas more organized and beautiful.

    Image Source: Google Image

Hope these trends make it to the event decoration ideas of your wedding. For further assistance, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.


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