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What Is Your Biggest Wedding Planning Headache Right Now??!!
Posted by in Uncategorized On October 28, 2017

The wedding season is just a couple of weeks ahead and we absolutely can’t wait to see how the decorations and themes are going to be this time. If you have a wedding in your family in another 3 months, you sure are going to be in a big soup. The biggest reason being your wedding falls into the ultimate wedding season and thus most of the desired venues will be booked well in advance. You are already running late and certainly cannot afford to delay in making arrangements any further. And thus suggest you to hire one of the many wedding planning companies. While Show Mania is a wedding planner based in Jaipur, and we are into luxurious weddings in Rajasthan, we will help you sort out the biggest headache of the upcoming wedding in your family by assisting you in finding the right wedding planner to make the arrangements of the special event.

Biggest Wedding Planning Headache Right Now
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The first step is to seek help from Google and find an online wedding planner to begin with. Once you find a good rated planner, thoroughly go through their website and their other social links to get an idea about the quality of their work, this is the homework you need to do before making a decision of meeting them so that you don’t end up wasting time and feeling disappointed. A wedding planner that handles your needs, requirements and queries with utmost professionalism and sincerity is what you should base your decision on. You must be wondering why even take pains to hire a wedding planner and make arrangements by self instead. Well you will definitely need a professional help at every stage of planning due to the following reasons –

wedding planner

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    • Wedding planner is aware of the latest trends in the field of wedding planning and management.

    • They have contacts with venues and they will go out of their way to get the desired venue at best prices.

    • They have experience of working with all the vendors needed to pull off a wedding – tent, flower, photographers, choreographers, caterers, and furniture to name a few.

    • They will get the best contract from venue for you (value for money deal) and will also try to get add – ons and complimentary facilities like – room upgrades for bride and groom and immediate families for no extra costs and different function venues as well.

    • They will be with you in every possible meeting with the venue coordinator.

    • They will look after hospitality and logistics as well if required.

    • They will be with you in every possible meeting with the venue coordinator.

    • Food is the most important aspect in Indian weddings and they will get the best of caterers for you if you are not happy with the catering services provided by the venue.

    • Your guests will leave but your wedding planner will be present till the time last table is picked up for winding.

      your wedding planner
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Hope we were able to calm you and help you take a fresh start to plan wedding of your beloved son or daughter in a short notice under the guidance of a wedding planner.

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