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Writer’s Pick: The Must Have Bride and Bridesmaids’ Photos Unlocked
Posted by in Bride and Bridesmaids’ Photos On November 16, 2018

Bride and Bridesmaids’ Photos Unlocked
Image Source: Gstatic

Entering into a married life a whole new experience altogether. That’s why you should never miss out on some bachelor’s fun, especially for the ladies! If you are soon to get married to your dream man and are at the verge of becoming Mrs. from Miss, this article is definitely for you to read! We have given you much insights about celebrities’ destination wedding in India and innovative event decoration ideas, now it’s time to unlock some crazy fun photo shoot with your bridesmaids before you get hitched!

So here we present some of the crazy pictures that you must not miss to take with your bridesmaid to capture the best moments of your life! And we hope you know the mandate ‘bride and bridesmaid’ shoot, don’t you?! Let the party begin!

  • Color Coordination: A batch of pretty women dolled up in the same attire and similar makeup is sure to catch eyeballs! While you may have wedding planners in Jaipur and other parts of the country to handle your wedding event, this is something you should plan yourself and get the photographer at work! Because as they say in Hindi, ‘Ye Nahi Kiya Toh Kya Kiya!!’

    Color Coordination
    Image Source: Gstatic

    We can help you adorn your wedding venue as your exclusive wedding decorator in Jaipur and organize the best day of your life in the best possible way! Meanwhile, scroll down to check out these sassy shoots with your bridesmaid.

    Sassy shoots with your bridesmaid
    Image Source: Pexels

  • Jump in Joy!!:

    Jump in Joy
    Image Source: Blogspot

    How about ten years or so down the line, you come across a picture having you and your girl gang cheering and jumping with joy framed perfectly in your pre-wedding album. Such crazy elements bring out the true happiness and inner joy for you and for your loving husband-to-be too!

  • Dab and Pose:

    A few poses and crazy faces are never bad! Your bridesmaid has lived with you through your thick and thin, that’s probably why you have them as your bridesmaid too! So wouldn’t you want to end your bachelorhood period with the crazy faces and funny poses captured wonderfully in a photo frame?! Well, that’s what you should do without fail!!

  • Prop It Up!:

    Prop It Up
    Image Source: WeddingSutra

    Self-made props, color poppers, and photo booths are some amazing ideas that are not only in trend but also can uplift your wedding game to another level altogether! And that’s how you roll your wedding with your bridesmaid! Pre-wedding shoots may be something everyone is trying their hands at, but this is something you should never let go off your hands. After all, ‘Shadi toh ek hi bar hoti hai!’

That’s it folks! We hope you’re all set to implement some of these ideas in your bride and bridesmaid shoot. Don’t forget to tag us on your Facebook page when you pose and flaunt your images! Find more interesting event decoration ideas and wedding shoot photos on our Facebook page.

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