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What Do We Do

Show Mania is an end-to-end Wedding & Event Management service provider. We believe every occasion is unique and consequently requires special planning, preparation and execution. Show Mania will make your Big Day memorable not only for you but for your guests as well, while you relax and enjoy the show and we manage it with our expertise.

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Destination Weddings

It seems a lot easier than being done when we say it takes a lot of time and energy in checking everything off that wedding planning checklist and most importantly, deciding the wedding destinations in India. As destination weddings in India are setting trends in modern times, we have listed the most

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Corporate Events

Corporate Events are basically formal or informal gatherings with the employees, existing, new or potential clients and other stakeholders to acknowledge the milestones achieved and recognize new developments in the organization. Corporate event planning is different from planning weddings and other events and thus follows a differ

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Live Shows

Entertainment Industry is growing exponentially and live events are a major ingredient. There is a different charm and aura when it comes to live events. And therefore, a seamless flow of events is a prerequisite. We, at Show Mania, understand that a minute glitch here and there can break the reputation of the brand and thus our team of experienced

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About Us

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Show Mania Events (SME) was established with an idea to create magnificent experiences. The idea then gradually evolved and led to our growth from small projects in the neighborhood to events that realigned the limits of event management industry. SME grew into a trustworthy brand providing outstanding event management services.

Desire:- Having a wedding or an event that is memorable in every way is what every client would wish for. Show Mania Events understands the desire and works to achieve the common objective of creating an outstanding event. We go out of our way to give an experience that is etched in minds of not only our clients but their guests as well for years to come

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How We Do

We like to keep it simple and thus believe in Planning, Designing and Execution as wedding event management needs special attention and detailing. The How, Why, When and What for every event will vary, however the core would be defining the Plan, converting it into a 3 D Design for visualization and finally Executing it.


This is the first step in any event. A strong planning is a pillar to any event and the experience will depend on how strong it is. For a sound planning we don’t hesitate to understand the need of our clients which sets us apart from other wedding planning companies in Jaipur. Once the needs are clearly understood, we plan and other factors like – budget, timeline and audience help in achieving the objective. Thus, planning is a must which is followed by design and execution.


This phase is all about making the plans come alive in virtual world for a better understanding of feasibility of all the suggestions. What is suggested and what is expected may or may not be same, thus design helps in ruling out what is not viable and gives a clearer picture of the outcome. Design, especially 3 D will give an idea of how the planning would look like on the Big Day.


A good planning and designing is incomplete without a picture perfect execution. If planning and designing are pillars, then execution is backbone to any event. With our highly qualified team we have planned, designed and executed an array of weddings, live concerts and corporate events. We understand this highly dynamic industry and have worked with a number of vendors to manage some high profile weddings and events, thus making Show Mania Events best wedding planner in Jaipur.

Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

Weddings Completed

Weddings Completed

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Coorporate Events


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