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5 Scintillating Wedding Event Decoration Ideas You Should Not Miss
Posted by in Wedding Decoration Ideas On September 21, 2018

Wedding Event Decoration Ideas
Image Source: hochzeitsportal24

Have you ever wondered what would be your wedding day be like? How will be the arrangements? And everything of that sorts! We are sure you have done that at some point of time or the other. We all want just the perfect wedding to carry all those beautiful memories for the rest of our lives. But when the moment finally comes in our lives, it gets along a whole bunch of responsibilities and tasks to steal away that big wide smile on your face. Don’t worry, we are here to give you back your perfect million dollar smile and organize your wedding in just the way you want as your wedding event planner in Jaipur.

Here are some mind boggling wedding event decoration ideas you should not miss:

  • Grand Entry:

    Grand Entry
    Image Source: the bridal box

    Wouldn’t you want to enter your wedding and want to say the dialogue from the film Dabang ‘Swagat nahi karoge humara’? Well, then do it!! Ride on a crazy styled rikshaw or storm in a chopper, just do something crazy to have a grand entry on your wedding.Just break the normal and do something unique.

  • The Royal Throne:

    The Royal Throne
    Image Source: Pexels

    The furniture you and your better half will sit shouldn’t be just another sofa. You both are the king and queen of the night. So behave like one!! Being the best budget wedding planner in Jaipur, we have all the links to give you options to rent an amazing throne for the wedlock couple.

  • Floral Arrangements:

    Floral Arrangements
    Image Source: Wikimedia

    Flowers can level up your celebration and can be a great symbol of love, happiness, and togetherness. But do not choose just any other flower to decorate your venue. Select a unique flower that you think would sophisticate your wedding day to yet another level. Use flowers that not that commonly used on weddings yet have their own charm. The idea is, to be different! You can choose us as your wedding event planner in Rajasthan. We have our services across the country so location is no bar for us!

  • Elegant Entrance Decor:

    Elegant Entrance Decor
    Image Source: TheBridalBox

    Entrance is what your guests, attendees, and your Baraatis are going to see when they first enter the arena. So you should never overlook the entrance of your wedding venue. You can read our blogs on event decoration ideas to check if you can do something out-of-the-ordinary to your wedding entrance or hire us as your budget wedding planner in Jaipur to help you make the best movie-like-set for your wedding venue.

  • Exclusive Table Decor:

    Exclusive Table Decor
    Image Source: slubnaglowie

    You know your guests are going to stay at your ceremony for quite some time and have more expectations from you than they have from their own selves! So why give them a chance to criticize you when you can make everything perfect! Do not leave the decoration of the tables and chairs. You can take help from the available wedding planners in India like us and have the most happening wedding in town!!

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