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5 Things about Destination Wedding in India You Must Not Miss
Posted by in Destination weddings On October 17, 2018

Destination Wedding in India
Image Source: WeddingWire

The trend for destination weddings have been around since quite some time and grew to fame in the early 20th century. From celebrities to businessmen, sports personalities to the middle class people, everyone today wants to have a destination wedding in India or abroad. And the game becomes even better when you have a professional destination wedding planner to help you host such kind of an event, your job becomes simpler than ever!

But before you dive into the topic of having a budget destination wedding India with your family members, here are a few things you need to consider. Read them very carefully if you don’t want to mess up anything in your wedding affair. Here you go:

  • Decide a Good Location:

    Decide a Good Location
    Image Source: Ultimateweddingslive

    You should be very selective with your wedding location. It has to be something special. Whether you have a plan of hosting a beach wedding or have a ceremony in the mountains, wherever you want to go, make sure you have chosen a good place with suitable climatic conditions. If you have a destination wedding planner like us with you, choosing the location becomes much easier since an event planner has all the experience in organizing destination weddings within and outside the country.

  • Choose a Good Wedding Planner in Jaipur:

    Choose a Good Wedding Planner in Jaipur
    Image Source: Resized

    Whether you stay in Jaipur or anywhere else, your choice must be very clear when it comes to hiring a wedding planner. And keep in mind that it is very important to hire a professional who knows how to host a wedding for you at your desirable dream destination if you really don’t want to regret your decision of organizing a budget destination wedding India.

  • Prepare the Guest List:

    Prepare the Guest List
    Image Source: ChicagoWeddingBlog

    Now look here. Since you have or will have a destination wedding in India or maybe outside, your guest list must be short and crisp. You decide if you want a low key affair or invite everyone you have known in your entire life and kill yourself with the bills! So the fact is, invite only the ones whom you feel are required for your special day like your close family, a few close friends, and may be someone from your work place who’ve been a great support.

  • Make the Necessary Travel Arrangements:

    Make the Necessary Travel Arrangements
    Image Source: Marthastewartweddings

    Now you have the guest list ready, the next job is to make the necessary travel arrangements. Don’t expect your guests to pay for their travel, it is your duty to bring them safe to and from the destination wedding location. As your destination wedding planner, we will help you make the necessary arrangements at the cheapest possible rates.

  • Photograph Every Moment!:

    Photograph Every Moment!
    Image Source: Flickr

    These moments are the ones you will cherish for the rest of your life. So make sure you hire the best photographer in town to capture the very best moments of your life. If you want, we can help you give you the best suitable options as your wedding planner in Jaipur or anywhere in the country.

Now that you know everything, go ahead, you are ready to have a bang on destination wedding in India!!

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