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6 Must Take Pictures With Your Cousins In Your Destination Wedding In India
Posted by in Destination weddings On July 30, 2018

Wedding is probably the most special and memorable event of your life when you take vows with the love of your life in the presence of the people who mean the world to you and entire wedding festivities organized effortlessly by top 10 wedding planners in India. Capturing the funny moments, the candid ones, the planned ones, the casual vibes and the emotions is really important. Irrespective of your destination wedding in India or a local wedding, having a photographer is a necessity these days as they would capture the special moments from your grand wedding affair. Top 10 wedding planner will look after all the wedding arrangements and major aspects and also suggest the best of options that suit your needs, requirements and budget. They will also be more than happy to suggest a good photographer to capture in detail the wedding celebrations. While you take pictures with your family, friends and relatives, there are few special moments that must be captured with your cousins too. You have literally grown up together fighting, planning and having a good time especially during summer holidays and those family vacations. It is thus, important to make them feel special by this gesture too. Top 10 wedding planners in India have seen and planned a plethora of weddings and thus are here to suggest a few must take pictures with your cousins and make memories that last forever.

  • The Bubble Shot: for your dreamy destination wedding in India, having a shot where the bride is surrounded by her cousins and friends and they are blowing bubbles to show that her fairy tale wedding dream wedding has actually become a reality. This will be quite a new and fresh idea.

    The Bubble Shot
    Image Source: Google Image

  • Showering Petals: near and dear ones of a bride will not leave a single opportunity to make her feel special day especially on the day of her wedding. Let your cousins make you feel like a real princess by showering flowers petals on you as suggested by top 10 wedding planner in India.

    Showering Petals
    Image Source: Google Image

  • The Dress Up / Pamper Shot: who doesn’t like to be pampered and when it your destination wedding in India, brides don’t miss a single chance to be with those who mean the world to her. She is all set to make them dance on her finger; well the proof is right here.

    The Dress Up Pamper Shot
    Image Source: Google Image

  • The Crazy Gang: bride is incomplete with her female cousins, with whom she has shared event the darkest of her secrets or even had those drunk nigh outs. Well, here is a chance to relive those fond memories with your gang of girls as suggested by top 10 wedding planners in India.

    The Crazy Gang
    Image Source: Google Image

  • The Favorite Candid: when you are actually looking for a planned shot and inadvertently you get this super classy and glamorous candid shot in between!! A win – win as suggested by top 10 wedding planner in India!!

    The Favorite Candid
    Image Source: Google Image

  • With The Photo Booth: why not make the perfect use of the quirky photo booth by posing in harmony with your dear cousins!!

    With The Photo Booth
    Image Source: Google Image


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