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All you need to know about Sophie Turner’s Wedding dress.
Posted by in Uncategorized On July 06, 2019

One of the most trending weddings on social media is of Mr and Mrs Jonas’s. Weddings like these influence other weddings, get ready to see what Sophie Turner wore during her special day.

Sophie Turner kept her look a little muted when she legally married Joe Jonas in Las Vegas.

Instead of wearing a traditional gown for the Vegas ceremony , Turner selected a flowing silk Bevza jumpsuit. It featured wide leg pants and a low cut top. She paired the ensemble with a long veil and gold Loffler Randall mules.

Though they were already legally married but had to make it legal in the STATES, hence the pair opted for a traditional wedding. In this traditional wedding Sophie Turner went high key and pumped herself up.

The alluring actress stunned everyone by wearing a custom bridal dress in floral embroidered tulle and silk Gazar. It was designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, who is Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director of Women’s Collections.

For Turner’s dress, more than 10 embroiderers worked for 1,050 hours on the 14 meters of tulle. This was covered with a digitally designed pattern of more than 650,000 stitches. Each panel was embroidered with 50,400 crystal beads and 50,400 white beads.

The veil required 48 hours of embroidery, while the hem was hand-cut to create a natural and irregular finishing to match the sleeves. Topping off the look were white satin shoulder details and a draped belt.

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