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Amazing Facts About These Wedding Rituals
Posted by in Best Wedding Planner On August 08, 2019

Wedding is the celebration of love and commitment forever and also the celebration of couples religion and culture. When talking about the Hindu Wedding Rituals then you can see that activity performed at the wedding is based on some ritual. Show Mania will tell you about those rituals which are followed but people might be knowing the reason.

The Toe Ring

Have you ever thought that why do brides or women after marriage only wear the toe rings? We will tell you this. If you will closely observe then you will notice that brides wear the toe ring on the second finger this is because of the nerve of that finger is attached directly to the heart. The toe rings are also made of silver and silver is the good conductor of energy and that the energy from earth is passed onto the body through the toe ring.

The Bindi

The spot between the eyebrows where brides usually apply bindi is the important nerve point in the human body. Thus, applying kumkum, tilak or bindi helps in preventing the loss of energy and controls the level of focus and concentration, which is required as the bride needs an abundance of energy to get through the wedding.


Bangles are generally worn by most of the women. Bangles are actually worn because they help in good blood circulation and since they are round in shape they help to intact the positive energy of the bride’s body.


Mangalsutra is a thread that binds the bride to the groom for a lifetime. Mangalsutra is made of gold and gold is the metal that helps in good blood circulation and controlling pressure to a large extent. It sounds strange but the women are asked to keep the mangalsutra inside this is because gold constantly touching the body helps in generating positive benefits.





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