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Necessity of Corporate Event Management Companies
Posted by in Corporate Event Planner On May 01, 2018

Much before weddings, companies started event planning on a serious and professional note. We saw a sudden boom in event planning with a number of award shows, trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and a lot more coming up. Corporate event planning is all about communicating the goals, objectives, mission and vision of the company more clearly to the various stakeholders of the firm – employees, board of directors, top management, customers and others. Corporate events could be seminars, conferences, employee recognition parties, employee holidays, product launch, events for new and existing clients and a lot more. It is the responsibility of a company to make the stakeholders happy as the company is incomplete without them. And hence, having a professional help in the form of corporate event planner is needed to make the event experience memorable. And that’s exactly when Show Mania events comes into picture.

Show Mania events is a wedding planning and event management firm based in Jaipur city of Rajasthan. We have been in the industry for over a decade now and have successfully crafted many corporate events for some of the big brands in and around Jaipur. Companies have started taking corporate event planning more seriously because of the memorable experience they want to give to the various stakeholders. Every company has HR and Marketing department which work in close association during upcoming events in the company. Events could be yearly or quarterly or even monthly depending on the requirements and planning. However, for big company events it is always advised to hire a corporate event planner as they are experienced, they have contacts with different vendors and can look after the entire event. Various aspects of events include – venue selections, hospitality, logistics, entertainment, food, marketing and branding. Depending on your requirements and set budget these aspects will be covered by the corporate event planner you hire.

Corporate event planner
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The first step when it comes to corporate event planning is clearly laying down the objectives. Defining the objective will be about answering a few important questions like – what is the event all about, who will attend the event, why is the event taking place, when will the event take place and how will you market the event. It is very important for company to clearly define and explain the objective to the wedding event management companies so that they can start planning it in ways so that message can clearly reach the target audience. The time and day of the event also plays an important role, especially when it is planned at a big level.

The corporate event planner
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The next important aspect is the budget. As a company you have to work professionally and assign budget to different aspects of the event for a smooth corporate event planning experience. Defining budget will also help you on how you can cut short budget from least preferred aspects to most preferred aspects. Corporate event planner plays a vital role here as they are highly experienced and will also negotiate with different vendors on your behalf. The way you promote your event is yet another important that will be handled carefully by your event planner.

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