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Creative Ways To Take Your Wedding Vows
Posted by in Best Wedding Planner On July 31, 2019

Getting married is the everlasting promise of love and the most romantic things ever in your love story. In an Indian wedding, the 7 vows are the connection between the two people. These 7 vows complete your wedding. Show Mania events will give awesome ideas to add fun to your wedding by taking these vows in a different style.

Writing your Wedding Vows-  

Instead of taking vows in front of everyone you can exchange letters and write your own vows on them. The bride and the groom can give this letter to each other night before their wedding or whenever suits them. This helps them to express their love privately and there will be no pressure.

Sing a Song-

If you aren’t a stage freak then you can also sing a song for each other while taking the wedding vows. This over-whelming gesture will always be remembered by everyone and especially this will become a  lifetime memory for the bride and the groom.

Put the Vows on Scraps-

One of the most romantic and unique gestures to say your vows is putting them on scraps. The bride and the groom can collect each other’s favourite things and write the vows on them and gift to each other at the wedding. This could be done between the courtship period of your wedding.

Make a short video or a piece of art-

You can make a short video on the journey of your love-story which can include wedding vows. This could be an extra-special gesture towards your partner. If you are creative enough then you can make a sculpture or painting in a way so that all the wedding vows could be expressed.


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