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Enter Your Wedding With A Swag
Posted by in Best Wedding Planner On October 05, 2019

Indian Wedding is not just a ceremony, it is a bundle of much more than the conventional rituals. It includes outstanding dance, music, drama, and a plethora of characters. Between all this, you can witness the bonding of two families with each other. With the changing time, the swag at weddings is the new talk of the town which makes them fascinating and exciting. Showmania events suggest some of the blockbuster entries for brides.

Entry On A Bike Or Vintage Car

You can make a dashing entry at your wedding on a bike or the vintage car. You can definitely decorate your bike or car. Leave your groom jaw-dropping through your entry. This is the authentic swag-bride stealing thunder of almost everything in the wedding.

bike entry bride

Enter With Your Girl Gang

“Sharmati hui Dulhan” is now too old fashioned. Today’s brides enter in full energy and happiness. Enter the wedding venue with dhol and dhamaka. Take your bridesmaid along with you to add the spark at your wedding. This dancing entry will be breath-taking and remembered for years.

Enter With The Little Flower Girl

white wedding is always the love of all. If you can’t have one at least steal the aww moments of it. A little flower announcing the entry of the bride will be something cutest in your wedding. Dress up the little girl as a flower girl. You can even give a signboard that says “Here comes the bride”. This can make everyone astonished at your wedding. 

little flower girl

Entry With A Spark

Ask your friends and family to light up while you enter the wedding. Light up the phooljhadis and few crackers at your entry. Not only will the light of the sparklers give an astounding look to the entire ambience, but it would also make the celebrations all the more beautiful.

These hatke styles will make your entry to be remembered for years.

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