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How Can The Groom Experiment With His Wardrobe?
Posted by in Uncategorized On July 25, 2019

Your fiancé might have a spruce personage but there are some styling precepts that you would be surely describing him!


Grooms can use these four directions to reach out on their extraordinary day.

  1. Alternative Coat

  2. A Fancier Flower

  3. The Telltale Tie

  4. Variety in the Vest


In the next step forward, let’s talk about how your groom can incorporate jewelry. Please, don’t make your groom go overboard with all 4, just pick one and he’ll be good to go!


Well, the options are plenty. There are pearls, emeralds, and even satlada neckpieces. Who said men cannot flaunt jewelry? A single or two strands of pearls or emeralds is bound to do full justice to your groom wear – be it embroidered, embellished, floral or even monotone. A necklace on your monotone or say floral groom wear instantly pops out, enhancing your groom look to a very different level.


Yes, it can work wonders if your groom’s outfit is on a lighter scale. So say you are a wearing a monotone sherwani  (say something in royal blue) or maybe a sherwani that isn’t too heavy (something light and simple), you can always spice up the look by adding a bit of button or even better some bling on it.


Safas are the signature trademark of a groom and that you cannot deny it. You can go for the one that complements your groom’s wear; add a jeweled Kalgi and then see the magic.


I am sure every guy is familiar with this particular term. Add a brooch to your groom wear and see how it elevates your whole groom look. You can opt for simpler brooches or the ones with strings and see which one looks better on you.

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