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How to organize your wardrobe, a Bride Guide
Posted by in Uncategorized On July 19, 2019

The most memorable part of an Indian wedding is witnessing the beauty and elegance of the Bride on her special day. With all the glitz and glamour going on around her, the Bride maintains to be the central focal point of the wedding day.

The Bridal Saree or Lengha is ornamented with embroidery and intricate designs, making for an eye-catching and exquisite piece of work. Let’s look at a detailed view of bridal wear.

 Bridal Wear

After finishing make-up and hair, the Bride begins draping her Saree or putting on her Lengha. A saree is wrapped around the waist whereas a lengha is a skirt that you slip on. The traditional Hindu Bride is said to wear a red outfit symbolically referencing the planet Mars.

Lehenga Guide

The skirt of your lehenga is the real deal maker of your wedding looks, so be certain of its perfection. Your lehenga must have a waistband hook & bar, a concealed zip and then a drawstring tie (just to hang those pretty latkans). DO NOT rely on just the drawstring tie to hold your lehenga in place. It doesn’t only look untidy but it is also very uncomfortable. A broad waistband secured with a hook & bar looks tidy and structured.

Blouse Guide

It surely is a little piece of cloth but matters the most. We’ve heard horrifying incidences that blouses tend to give but you can always save yourself by being a little cautious. The fitting of your bridal blouse shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, for obvious reasons. It should be just comfortable to pull off a 5-hour long wedding.

Lingerie Guide

Lingerie is, as you know, the most important garment whose absence or presence can turn around your outfits from amazing to awful. It’s important how you wear your outfits with or without lingerie. If your dresses are not padded, you ought to have a seamless bra, is lightly padded, has removable straps and is of the same color as that of your outfit or is in nude color. Your lingerie/padding should not give peek-a-boos from your mesmerizing outfits. It’s a big NO!

There are various other styles that brides wear nowadays, comment below for a detailed view of other outfits.

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