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Need Fabric For Your Wedding Outfits? Here Are 4 Best Wholesale Cloth Markets In Delhi
Posted by in Bridal Beauty On April 21, 2019

We all have done all those crazy things from saving endless screenshots on our phones whenever a nice hot wedding dress image pops up on our screens, checking out the latest event decoration ideas, asking the tailors ‘bhaiya bilkul Deepika jaisa banana’ to runningthrough profiles of style icons from fashion bloggers to celebrities. And we are happily guilty forthat! Because why not! It’s all to make our D-day special! Who wouldn’t want her man to go
crazy for her looks all over again? And although, each one of us wants to wear those designer ensembles, but what really stops us is the amount mentioned on the price tag!! The money crunch does hit us hard when it comes to picking the right designer outfit for the wedding day. And if you are one of those looking out for options to save your life, then you’ve just landed at the right place! We have piled up 5 such spots to hit to buy the fabric for your wedding outfits (or the readymade dress, if that’s what you want) in Delhi. All of these are wholesale markets running from ages and guess what? You name a thing, and they have it! Here you go:

Perhaps one of the oldest markets in Delhi, Chandni Chowk will surprise you with the dirt cheap prizes and the number of types & kinds of fabrics available there! From lehenga materials to dupattas, lace to what not; there’s everything you can wish for at impressive rates. And do you know all those high-class designers too, swear by this market when it comes to raw materials for their dresses? Oops! Secrets revealed!

Being one of the most famous markets of Delhi, Lajpat Nagar is one place you can find anything and everything for your wedding outfits. The place is a mix of celebrity designer stores and small-scale shops. It is also one of those markets where you can find exact look-alikes of designer dresses worn by your style icons for movies or their real-life weddings! And although very crowded, this market is where you can serve all your wedding needs from jewelry to
footwear to wedding chooda to others!

This little hidden market in Connaught Place is definitely one of the most acclaimed places to find good quality fabrics for wedding dresses for both men and women. Unusual prints, color contrasts, heavy, light; there’s all kinds of fabrics and materials available here! Although slightly expensive than the other two markets listed above, you could still score some unique designs for your D-day dresses at reasonable rates if you’re good at bargaining!

Apart from being known as the Punjabi community, Tilak Nagar is also vouched for it’s array of shops for wedding dress materials and fabrics. Textures, prints, no prints, fabrics, lace, dupatta, blouse, and so much more; this market in West Delhi is where you need to rush to buy the essential raw materials for your dress! Tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever visited any of the above listed markets in Delhi! wedding-management-company-jaipurContact us if you need the best wedding planner in Rajasthan or anywhere in India!

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