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News of the Week: This is What Kapil Sharma and Ginni Has Chosen for Their Wedding Sweets!!
Posted by in Best Wedding Planner On December 13, 2018

Kapil Sharma and Ginni Has Chosen for Their Wedding Sweets
Image Source: Tosshub

We just got the news of the Bollywood Diva Priyanka Chopra marrying her lover boy Nick Jonas, a Hollywood Singer and now we have yet another Bollywood wedding coming up! It seems weddings are raining this season!! Kapil Sharma, the famous comedian is marrying his long-time girlfriend, Ginni Chathrath on December 12, 2018 in Jalandhar, Punjab! Yes, it’s confirmed and we all can’t stop being all the more excited!! There are many top wedding planners in jaipur and planning a budget destination wedding India, giving fans all the more love and inspiration for planning their dream wedding in the times to come!

The pre-wedding festivities have started and the family was busy with an Akhand Path which happened on December 2, 2018. The family is very religious and wants to follow all the rituals 100%! Not just this, the values of the family are deep rooted and this we can see in the grounded nature of the famous celebrity comedian!

Budget destination wedding India
Image Source: Dainikbhaskar

According to sources, the couple are not planning for any lavish or high profile wedding but are going the old school way. They have chosen an old, iconic shop based in Jalandhar for their wedding invites and sweets. Lovely Sweets (handled by a 60-year old man) and Lovely imagination are chosen to handle these responsibilities of their sweets and printing of wedding invites. You can take help from a wedding event planner in Jaipur or anywhere in India to find caterers and vendors for hosting the perfect wedding.

On the couple’s simple and traditional wedding with a modern touch, the director of Lovely Sweets, Naresh Mittal says, “Ginni had come along with her family members and friends to see our collection, and she liked our designs and presentation style, instantly. Ginni and Kapil wanted a perfect amalgamation of ‘traditions and modernity’ and our luxurious royalty collection fit the bill perfectly.”

Wedding event planner in Jaipur
Image Source: Dailyhunt

He added further, “Both Kapil and Ginni were keen to share flavors of Punjab with a touch of modernity and wellness with all friends and relatives invited for the wedding.” He shared the choices made by the couple for their wedding, “They finally chose an eclectic mix of Dry Fruit Punjabi Panjeeri, Nutty Delights, Green Tea and Baked Delights as an accompaniment for their wedding invitations adorned by traditional Indian motifs and symbolism of elephants.”

Even the co-founders of Lovely invitation had their excitement on and shared, “An innovative feature we added were bar codes on every invitation so that there is foolproof security and no wedding crashers. Everything — from card design and box presentation was sent across to Mumbai for Kapil’s consent. He loved everything, and we couldn’t have been happier as we are all his big fans.”

Lovely invitation
Image Source: India

Kapil shared with his fans in an interview that both Ginni and Kapil shared a totally different connection and it wasn’t the typical dating kinds. He said, “We did not have the usual dating scenario as both our families are conservative. Last year, when I was going through a low phase, she was there with me throughout. That’s when I felt that if she is with me during my low phase, then she is the one for me. I can rely on her.”

The couple are all into the planning and partying mode of their best Event Decoration Ideas for wedding in Punjab and we wish them all the wishes to have a blessed life ahead! Share your views in the comment section below!


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