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Some ideas for your favourite event – Bachelors Party.
Posted by in Uncategorized On July 04, 2019
  1. Natural Space!

Let’s get out, is some real sense! Natural settings are my favourite, so let’s start with these. Make it your special day with your closed circle in the Jungle. Have fun with chilly movements, teasing your hair with cold breeze, freedom! Yay! Use the bonfire right.

  1. CARS!

Arrange the party in a limousine: Hotels and Backyards are too common, aren’t they? But holding it in a huge Car/bus with all the arrangements for partying like stereo players, spot lights and globe lights, smoke machines, etc. will add a new dose of high voltage fun to your bachelorette night that would actually move on wheels.  Drive safe and just for the record you can get a limo in India, but keep in mind the places you go to.

  1. Alma Matter

Go back in time, it’s fun to remember the same days that made you who you are today. Play silly, fun games. Trust me they are just something another level. Be immature for this one might because who knows how many responsibilities are going to follow you Oh no! Don’t be horrified, you can continue being immature after your marriage too. Roll with laughter and make the fullest of this moment.

  1. Food Food!!

Impress your soul mate, or the bride, with exquisite food. You can order extraordinary food, arrange for a chef to specially cook for you all. Make the party an interesting learning session for some awesome dishes in order to give a pleasant surprise to your newly wedded bride or groom.

  1. Fetch a Boat

Head out for your bachelorette party on a boat: Holding the hens’ party on the deck of a boat cruise or a chartered boat in the midst of the blue waters will always remain alive in your memory. You can opt for one of the best boat charter services coming with best catering facilities plus bar, fully stocked with all the hot favourite drinks.

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