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The Saga Of Destination Weddings And Indian Wedding Planner
Posted by in Destination weddings On October 12, 2017

The wedding is possibly one of the biggest decisions of life which come with many ups and downs; however, the understanding and coordination between the two souls make it all worth it. Like Indian culture, Indian weddings are elaborate and why wouldn’t they be, after all, you are tying the knot with the love of your life, with a person you would want to spend at least next 40 years of your life. The celebrations ought to be nothing less than expansive and larger – than – life. Indian wedding planner will help create, plan, design and execute the wedding of your dreams with the best of venue suggestions, themes and decor, entertainment acts, hospitality, logistics, photography, and videography services. The list can be shortened or more elements could be added depending on your budget and requirements.

The Saga Of Destination Weddings
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Every year India witnesses a zillion weddings, small weddings, big weddings and luxurious weddings. The extravagant weddings are generally handled by the top 10 wedding planners in India. While India is a preferred destination for weddings for the NRI’s, people residing in the country have started looking destinations outside India for tying the holy knot. Some of the major looked foreign wedding destinations are – Dubai, Thailand, Turkey, Macau, and Mauritius to name a few. Destination weddings are also a means to have a big holiday with the near and dear ones apart from enjoying the wedding celebrations. The concept of weddings has changed over the years. From the times when wedding festivities used to last for weeks and when bride and groom had a tradition of organizing all the functions separately to the times where wedding ceremonies last for 2-3 days and the families of bride and groom believe in having common functions. Having common functions throughout the weddings is advantageous, it saves a lot of time and money and you get to know the close friends and relatives of both sides and enjoy the big day as well.

Destination wedding planner
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While the dazzling decoration and beautiful dresses and antique jewelry grab our attention at the time of weddings, the fun at the bachelors and bachelorette steals the show before the wedding. Apart from the sacred ceremonies, bride, groom, and their friends make special efforts to plan the last fun trip before getting married. Enjoying and celebrating the last few weeks as single with friends is exactly what is required to unwind before beginning the next chapter of your life. Bachelors could be planned in India, however, the trend of having the time of a life in abroad has gained a momentum with destinations like Bali, Thailand, and European countries to name a few. Bachelors could be planned together or even separately depending on the common friends and comfort level of both the sides. Whether in India or outside India, bachelors is certainly the most needed and awaited get together with friends to take some time out from a busy schedule and relive the golden carefree days and start from where you previously left.

Extravagant weddings
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