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Things You Should “NEVER” Give As A Wedding Gift
Posted by in Wedding Decoration Ideas On April 24, 2019

While you may go on the internet and find the top 10 wedding planner in India or wedding event management companies to find the right one for your wedding or that of any of your family members, there are several other aspects that you often find difficult in dealing with. One of those is finding the right wedding gift for the wedding couple. Friend or family, relative or colleague at work, a wedding gift is supposed to be something that adds some value to them, something that could be used, or something that brings good luck to the newly wed’s family. And so, you got to put a lot of thought behind what to gift them. It’s special guys! For you as well as for them! Your heartfelt gift should make them feel special, make them feel loved, and their happiness should double seeing your gift if the couple is very close to you!


It could be a couple voucher to some resort, a portrait of all the good memories of the couple and you, a spa session at a really good hotel, or a usable device such as an electronic device. So, while you may find the experience of choosing the right wedding gift difficult and somehow manage to crack the code, here are a few things that you should ‘NOT’ give as a wedding gift to anyone in this big fat world!

Let’s find out:


Fresh Flowers

Although, flowers or a bouquet is a gift that almost everyone gives to others on all possible occasions. Some of you might also think that flowers are a very-well thought gift for the receiver but no, it is not! And that’s a sad truth! Flowers are plucked to put in a bouquet. It is not only a sign of life being taken to give to someone but also is a waste of money in over 99% cases since with so many things to handle, it is the first thing to be thrown out of the house along with other garbage. And you wouldn’t want that to be done to your gift right?

Left Out Giveaways

If you don’t want to spend like too much money on buying a wedding gift for someone, buy them a dinner voucher for a restaurant or give them a sagan of whatever amount you think is feasible. But please, for god’s sake, never ever re-gift an item to someone just because you feel it is unwanted and taking extra space in your house, it might do the same to the receiver too! Why spoil your own reputation by such tacky acts!

Religious Items

Probably a statue of a God you believe in or a religious book is definitely not a good idea either! Our elders might tell us how gifting such items to others bring good luck and blessings to their house; it could be quite a tricky situation unless you know the couple’s belief systems and level of faith in God. Who knows, if one of them turns out to have no faith on God and the other prays day and night, why give them reasons to fight?!

Lucky Charms

Lucky charms are another items that should be avoided as wedding gifts. Laughing Buddha, evil eye, owl figures, etc are mere showpieces to the ones who have no prior knowledge about their significance. Or even if they do, you never know if they already have it! So the trick is not to give them something that they already have and disappoint them, trick is to give them what brings some utility. Or if not, there should at least be an emotional element that the couple would understand and feel special about them!


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