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Tips For A Memorable And Engaging Corporate Event Planning
Posted by in Corporate Event Planner On May 24, 2018

Corporate event planning is taken more seriously now due to the responsibilities that come with planning anything related to a brand. Event planning has become more professional now and companies look for ways to make their event a grand success. That’s exactly when corporate event planner comes into the picture. Show Mania events is one such event planning and wedding management company based in the heart of pink city of Indian state of Rajasthan – Jaipur. We have planned more than 100 events of some of the big names of Jaipur. Be it employee recognition party or employee holidays or product launch or success party or events organized for new or existing clients or for other stakeholders, we have crafted exclusive corporate event planning ideas and executed flawlessly. Over the years Show Mania events has become a reputed name in event industry. Our highly professional team makes sure all the event deadlines are met and makes sure the event is a grand success.

Corporate Event Planning
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Corporate event planning is first initiated from the company and once the target audience, type of event, message and vision of the event are finalized on the company level, next step is to look for a Corporate Event Planner. Most of the enquiries are received online with a set of questions which the event company answers and after arranging a couple of meetings, event planner are officially appointed once they meet the requirements of the company. The next step is to thoroughly brief the hired corporate event planner about the mission, vision and goal of the event. For corporate event planning to be successful, event planner takes care of all the aspects of the event – venue selection, branding and marketing, entertainment, hospitality, logistics and other major aspects.
However, for the event to be a grand success you have to think of ways to be different from others. Show Mania events will suggest a few ways to make your corporate event planning a super success.

  • Be Creative: yes, the most important aspect in your corporate event planning!! The overall planning remains the same, however delivering the message in a never seen before way is what makes all the difference. Look for ways you can engage your target audience by planning interactive counters, games and other activities. The day of the event also is a vital factor. Make sure the event in not organized on public holidays chances are that your desired target audience might have plans.

    Be Creative
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  • Don’t Forget To Get Details Of Your Audience: irrespective of the level of the event, taking details of your target audience is an integral part of corporate event planning. If a small event makes sure you manually take down basic details like Name, Email id, Contact No. or take their business cards. For events on a large scale, make sure while making registrations for the event, you take the necessary required details online. This will help you in get back to the new or potential clients.

    Don’t Forget To Get Details Of Your Audience
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Hope these tips help you plan event more systematically under the guidance of corporate event planner. For further assistance, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.


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