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Top Indian Wedding Trends 2019 You Must Not Miss!!
Posted by in Best Wedding Planner On May 03, 2019

Perhaps, wedding is that event of our lives that none of can or will be able to forget! It is the day our lives take a different turn, it is a day we decide to stay with one person forever, and it is that one day we give our all in to that someone whom we are ready to walk ahead in the journey of life.

And with the graph of number of Indian weddings moving up year after year, it is clear that no one wants to be missed out from hosting the best wedding and keep up their respect among others. In the age of millennial, we have got the hottest and bestseller trends of Indian wedding 2019. Let’s start the counter:


#1 Nature-Inspired Wedding

Gone are the days when having a loud and fuzzy wedding was considered to be something. In fact, these days, the best wedding planners in Jaipur and the world, to be more specific, are ditching inorganic materials & those ear-paining weddings to adapt the natural way! With minimal décor, an eco-friendly theme, and outdoor setting; people grab the required attention while giving others much #weddinggoals!


#2 Destination Weddings

Who hasn’t heard of destination weddings in India? I’m sure all of us! From celebrities to bloggers to influencers to businessmen, to even the localites like you and me, all of us are much fascinated by the mere thought of having a destination wedding. People even consult from a destination wedding planner in Jaipur or wherever they plan to host their D-day in to check how the possibility can be made with their budget!

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Udaipur

#3 Formal No More

It’s the ‘no formality’ age clearly! Whether you have 1000 contacts you know or 10,000 friends, you no longer feel shy from hosting a private wedding affair and then throwing a lavish party for the attendees. And why not! You’ll still be judged for not doing the particular thing their way despite all your tons of efforts and lacs of money spent! So yeah! It’s all cool!!


#4 Pre-Wedding Photo shoot

Pre-wedding shoots, bridal shower shoots, bride getting ready shoots, and what not! There are all possible categories of photo shoots for the Indian wedding. And it does look cute, like capturing all the moments to cherish for a lifetime! Also, having a pre-wedding shoot does add a lot of spunk, love, excitement, joy, and most importantly togetherness among the couple.


#5 Couple Entry and Performances

The groom coming on a horse to get his bride is too mainstream! It’s time to ride a bike or an overly decked-up auto or some crazy entry for the couple or the groom or in some cases, even the bride! And not to forget the incredible dance performances done by the friends, family members, along with the would-be couple!

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