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Ultimate Locations for the Perfect Big Fat Indian Wedding
Posted by in Destination weddings On September 11, 2018

Destination weddings are in and we can’t help but drool over the pictures of couples traveling to some of the most offbeat locations around the world! From the jet-setting locations in India including the Royal City, Udaipur to the beautiful beaches in Penang, Malaysia, and so many more; the options seems to have no end! However, organizing a destination wedlock seems to be way too complex! You need to take help from wedding planning companies. We offer comprehensive services to help you organize the best destination wedding to shape your dreams into reality! Here’s a list of some popular destinations to organize the perfect big fat Indian Wedding for the bride and groom-to-be!

  • Bali: This picturesque location is an eternal symbol of true love. Elizabeth Gilbert from the famous novel, Eat, Pray, Love found her true love in Bali. Many celebs and cricketers including Yuvraaj Singh have had wedding celebrations in Bali. The beauty of this island spells romance in the most apt way. Host an intimate affair or organize a big fat wedding, the place is a perfect hub to getting hitched! Wedding Planning Companies like ours help you organize a budget destination wedding India in the plush location like Bali.

    Image Source: Pexels

  • Penang: One of the most mesmeric islands in the world, Penang is a beautiful location set in Malaysia. Imagine the fresh breeze, greenery all around, and you and your partner getting hitched in the middle of a beautiful beach. We are rated among the best wedding planners in Jaipur having a history of organizing the most happening weddings for our clients. This place boasts of what we dream of: scenic beaches, luxurious resorts, lush rain forests and a rich cultural heritage. Set in one of the most exotic south Asian country, Malaysia; Penang is a picture perfect location to host your dream wedding.

    Image Source: Staticflickr

  • Thailand: One cannot skip the name of this tourist country when talking about exotic locations. From spellbinding beach view to the fresh sea breeze to rich culture to exquisite resorts, this place smells of true luxury. Thailand is flagged for being a hotspot for vacations but we also know it as one of the most celebrated places for destination weddings. It comes to us as a surprise but you can organize a highly cost-effective, budget destination wedding India in this thrilling location than a proper traditional wedding in India.

    Image Source: Pxhere

  • Italy: Set in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy has a history of lovers uniting in this sacred place. Touted as one of the most widely romantic destinations for lovers all over the world, having a wedding in this place is a dream for most of the couples. Escape the crowd and set an intimate affair or conduct a big fat wedding, Italy smells of romance and luxury. This hub spot of most romantic locations gives you a flavor of what dreams are made of! From the tales of Romeo and Juliet to the famous Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, this place has been the chosen spot for the most happening weddings we have ever heard of!

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Planning to get hitched in a foreign land? Contact us to help you organize your dream wedding in the most spectacular way!

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