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Floral Arrangement Ideas By wedding event management companies
Posted by in Event Management Company On February 23, 2018

Flowers are important part of festivals, ceremonies and special occasions in Indian traditions. Flowers are used in everyday life as offerings to Gods and Goddesses. Be it Diwali or Holi or birthday or weddings or any other special event, flowers effortlessly find their way to these occasions in the form of event decoration ideas or gifts or as props. When it comes to Indian weddings, flowers are the most important decoration elements. Be it big fat Indian wedding or intimate one, luxurious wedding or budgeted one wedding decoration ideas are incomplete without flowers. Show Mania events is a wedding planner based in Jaipur city of Indian state of Rajasthan. We specialize in destination wedding in the royal land of Rajasthan and have successfully organized lavish weddings in major cities of the state – Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner and Pushkar to name a few. Creating memorable events well within your budget guidelines makes us one of the best wedding planners in the city.

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Couples these days wish to personalize their weddings in every way through wedding decoration ideas, hospitality, and the kind of venue they select. Wedding Corporate event management companies feel choosing the right venue is important especially if you wish to have destination wedding in India. Show Mania wedding planner will leave no stone unturned to make your special day memorable in every way. Our expert team, professional approach and passion to create exclusive weddings make us the trusted wedding planner in Jaipur. Event decoration ideas are really important and there is an array of elements to look for. However, the most significant amongst all the elements is the use of flowers. Flowers have incredible ability to effortlessly make surrounding feel fresh and beautiful. And there are a number of ways you can use this elements in your wedding. Starting from pretty backdrops, hangings, as welcome element, in jewellery, centerpieces and other areas as well!! Today we will suggest ways you can use flowers in your wedding decoration ideas.

  • Flowers As Hangings: Whether luxurious weddings or weddings on a budget, you can use floral hangings in beautiful ways to make an impact. Wedding decoration ideas using props like cages, lanterns, kettles and bottles and using flowers can definitely make them perfect event decoration ideas. You can also use flowers of the season as simple hangings or could make it dramatic by pairing it with kalire or bangles as suggested by wedding planning companies.

    Flowers As Hangings
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  • Floral Stage Backdrop: Using flowers as stage backdrop is a smart event decoration ideas especially for the reception. It makes for a perfect photographic backdrop as well apart from making the stage completely stand out.

    Floral Stage Backdrop
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  • Flowers In Stagnant Water: Using floral petals or entire flowers like Lotus or marigolds along with floating candles can make stagnant water area look dreamy.

    Flowers In Stagnant Water
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  • Flowers As Center Pieces: Yet another event decoration idea suggested by wedding planning companies is the use of flowers as center pieces. These make the seatings look more organized and pleasing to the sense of vision.

    Flowers As Center Pieces
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Hope you like these different ways of using flowers in weddings. For planning an upcoming wedding in your family, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.


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